Demi Moore hangs on to 'Mrskutcher'

2011-12-15 08:49

Los Angeles - Demi Moore has no immediate plans to change her Twitter name from "Mrskutcher".

The 49-year-old actress - who announced last month she was divorcing Ashton Kutcher, her husband of six years - has hit out at her fans on the social networking website who have been demanding she changes the moniker, but she does not see it as a "top priority" in her life.

In a rare tweet since announcing her marriage split, she wrote: "Changing my twitter name isn't a top priority right now. sorry it bothers so many of u. should I not tweet until I do? does it really matter? (sic)"


Despite being a prolific user of Twitter during her relationship with Ashton, Demi - who has more than 4.3 million followers on the micro-blogging website - has posted messages just three times since November 26.

Before her latest series of posts she took a one-week break from the site after separating from the Two and a Half Men actor, who was accused of sleeping with Sara Leal in September.

Demi has reportedly started dating beauty mogul Scott-Vincent Borba - who is in his mid-30s - after growing close to him over the past few weeks.

A source explained: "Demi and Scott-Vincent started dating last week. They have known each other a long time and he's really been there for her by her side through the whole Ashton thing."


  • Tilly - 2011-12-15 09:34

    Wishing her happiness with this new guy but he looks a bit "feminine" to me so I doubt it if he is in it for a "relationship" with Demi or rather for the media coverage he will be getting being with her.

      Lila - 2011-12-15 15:30

      @Peter. The problem is Ashton didn't leave her, he cheated on her. There is a major difference. If he didn't want to be with her he should have left her and then pursued other relationships. He chose to be with her, therefore he should have remained faithful.

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