Double trouble for Karlien and Derick

2013-07-11 08:00
Cape Town - The Afrikaans singer Karlien van Jaarsveld and her rugby player husband Derick Hougaard are expecting twins, Volksblad reported on Thursday.

Van Jaarsveld tweeted about her visit to her gynaecologist on Tuesday saying: "The sonar was WONDERFUL WONDERFUL AMAZING AMAZING".

The Uitklophou singer, who married Hougaard in March this year in Stellenbosch, announced her pregnancy news on 10 July in a series of tweets.

She first tweeted "We have big news...", followed by "there's a small Hougaard on the way...".

She also jokingly posted this message on her website earlier this year: "If we fall pregnant it's going to have to be twins, so I can catch up with my brother Bobby van Jaarsveld. But by then he and Annatjie might already have a third child on the way".


  • Muchasura Chando - 2013-07-11 08:19

    Who cares, everyone is making babies out there.

  • Amanda Ncapayi - 2013-07-11 08:38

    And i'm expecting triplets...claps once!tjooo

  • Alan Anthony Green - 2013-07-11 08:40

    Why is this news?

  • Erich Goosen - 2013-07-11 08:56

    Liefling, jou bulperd.

  • Reinhardt Massyn - 2013-07-11 08:59

    Announced on the 10th of July? Pffffft goeie werk news24

  • Reinhardt Massyn - 2013-07-11 09:01

    Announced on the 10th of July? Pffffft goeie werk news24.

  • Coen Venter - 2013-07-11 09:01

    and so what

  • Bertie Neethling - 2013-07-11 09:02

    Lyk my Derrick skiet nie net raak na die pale toe nie. Baie beluk julle 2

  • Angelique Nel - 2013-07-11 09:08

    I'm from Cape Town & I don't even know who they are hmm

  • Janine Janse van Rensburg - 2013-07-11 09:09

    Baie geluk. Enige baba is 'n seen. So enetjie gaan kan skop, en die ander enetjie sing.

  • Rikus Le Roux - 2013-07-11 09:19

    To everybody complaining this is not newsworthy, personally I would much rather have news about people being added to this world than people being taken away by others.

  • Feik Mc Heither - 2013-07-11 09:26

    Really now? Not newsworthy, especially if you claim 'Breaking News, First' status. This is bubblegum news

  • Roy Wadhams - 2013-07-11 09:34

    Who cares? Is this the only way these "celebrities" can stay in the news because she sings crap and Hougaard was so so in rugby.

      BlouMasjien BlouBloed - 2013-07-11 10:06

      You took the time to comment, didn't you?

      Marius Cromhout - 2013-07-11 10:44

      Roy i agree with you fully who cares id they have twins and why do they need to tel everybody that its so stupid and yes derrick wasint that good at all

  • Sonja Brand - 2013-07-11 11:19

    As a mother of twins I do not know why everybody always refer to twins as being double trouble......they are DOUBLE BLESSINGS!!!!Twice the amount of laughs, smiles, hugs and twice as much love as only one baby. I know it's a nice rhyme and rolls nicely off the tongue, but people should really think about what the true meaning of their words are before just making stupid jokes. Sorry if everyone else's babies are trouble for them....twins surely are blessings!!!!!

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