Elton John reignites Madonna feud

2012-01-31 08:14

Los Angeles - Sir Elton John has implied Madonna will not be singing live during her forthcoming half-time show at the US Super Bowl.

The music legend - whose husband David Furnish recently blasted the pop star-turned-film director for winning Best Original Song at the Golden Globes - suggested the Material Girl hitmaker should "lip-synch good" when she sings at the event at the Lucas Oil Stadium in Indiana on February 5.

During an appearance on Good Morning America Elton was asked if he had any advice for Madonna ahead of her performance, and he replied: "Make sure you lip-synch good."


The 64-year-old star went on to say he would never sing at a Super Bowl half-time show and he blasted the spectacle.

He added: "I've never seen a decent one. Never ever."

His comments come after David branded Madonna "embarrassing" and "desperate" following her Golden Globes win earlier this month after her song Masterpiece from her directorial debut movie W.E. beat Elton's efforts on animated film Gnomeo and Juliet.

Following the announcement, David wrote on Facebook: "Madonna. Best song???? Fuck off!!!

"Madonna winning Best Original Song truly shows how these awards have nothing to do with merit. Her acceptance speech was embarrassing in it's narcissism. And her critisism ofGaga shows how desperate she really is.(sic)"


  • Piet - 2012-01-31 09:06

    Although I have respect for Madonna and for what she's achieved, she will always be a class A bimbo who slept and whored her way to the top. She should of retired about 30 years ago.

      Gemma-Leigh Evans - 2012-01-31 19:36

      Okay...so she slept her way to the top...who cares. At the end of the day she's made something of herself and her life. Not exactly how I'd go about it, but maybe that's why I'm the "fan" and not the celebrity. Bottom line...if we were all held eternally accountable for all our actions about 99% of the worlds population would be sitting under similar prejudices based on their past...her personal life is really no ones business.

      John - 2012-02-03 23:10

      Elton John must shut up before some one sorts him out.

      Matthew - 2012-02-04 09:28

      This is gayer than a pink handbag full of rainbows.

  • SaTyRLoliCoN - 2012-01-31 09:12

    Gnomeo and Juliet was way better. The songs in that movie are spectacular.

  • GrootWitHaai - 2012-01-31 09:24

    Vagina envy. Oh wait, she has balls.

  • Jango - 2012-01-31 13:48

    Shame - poor fudge packer still needs to try & sell boring records. Goes to the tabloids to help the album sales. Stick to playing with your candle in the wind Elton...

  • Gemma-Leigh Evans - 2012-01-31 19:43

    Oh would you looky here...Drags vs the Queen...how positively THRILLING!! I'm personally neither Madonna NOR Eltons biggest fan...they have, however, both created spectacular pieces of music in their time. Although...Davids attack on Madonna was so 5th grade its boring. And at HIS age. Let's be grown ups next time and lose with our dignity in place ladies. Everyone hates a sore loser...get over it. People will still buy your music, if you're as good as your girlfriend thinks you are Elton.

  • jtkuther - 2012-02-04 09:25

    Have always rated Madonna as a serious contender in the music world. To churn out hit songs year after year takes some doing. She really is one smart woman . . . .

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