Halle Berry stops fiancé paparazzi fight

2013-04-03 13:28
Los Angeles - Halle Berry was forced to break up a fight between Olivier Martinez and a photographer.

The Cloud Atlas actress, 46, restrained her fiancé and pushed him into their waiting car after a paparazzo accused him of pushing him at Los Angeles International Airport on Monday.

The incident happened when the French actor, 47, was trying to navigate his way out of the terminal while carrying Halle's five-year-old daughter Nahla after they arrived back from a break in Hawaii, according to X17Online.com, who obtained video footage of the altercation.

Halle became hysterical as they attempted to leave the area amid dozens of camera flashes and pleaded with photographers to leave them alone.

After a photographer told her "he pushed me", she replied: "There is a child. There is a child here, that's why you idiots."

Violent brawl

Olivier placed Nahla in their car and then attempted to confront the photographer but Halle said: "Olivier no, Olivier no" and pushed him into the vehicle.

Another photographer then told the alleged victim: "That's assault. He kicked you. That's assault right there. You should make a police report. He can't be doing this shit because he's violent."

Asked if he was going to press charges, he replied: "He kicked me twice. Maybe, we'll see what happens."

Last November, Olivier entered into a violent brawl with Nahla's father Gabriel Aubry, 36, after he dropped her off at the Halle's home.

They reached a mutual decision not to pursue criminal charges and to settle the dispute amongst themselves for Nahla's sake after Gabriel originally filed for a restraining order against Olivier, claiming he had threatened to kill him.

The row stemmed from Gabriel blocking Halle from moving to France with their daughter to escape attention from the media.

Watch Halle and Olivier's airport altercation here:


  • Perter Damingo - 2013-04-03 14:27

    It is about time the paparazzi are restricted by laws, they invade the personal space of people and then start a rucus so as to get sensation all photos not agreed to should carry a form of punishment

  • Christel Snodgrass - 2013-04-03 15:03

    This is bloody ridiculous! No respect, there's a little girl involved...it makes me sick. Well done on Olivier for being so protective of Nahla, it it was my husband and our children, there would have been a massive fight!

  • Maria du Preez - 2013-04-03 16:07

    There can be no complaints from the paparazzi they are like flies on a piece of meat ...... Any parent or partner would be protective in a situation like that. Good on you Olivier for protecting your family

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