Health freak Gwyneth a secret smoker

2013-07-05 08:37
Los Angeles - Gwyneth Paltrow smokes one cigarette a week.

The famously health conscious star admitted she can't fully give up smoking but says she would never have a cigarette in front of her children, Apple, 9, and son Moses, 7.

She’s quoted in the August issue of Good Housekeeping magazine saying: “I smoke one cigarette a week. My friends know about it, but I would never do it in front of my kids.”

Gwyneth also opened up about her family life, calling the children her “best achievement” and admitting marrying their father, Chris Martin, was her “best decision to date”.

She loves her family

She said: “I was really lucky to have two healthy children, and I enjoy the process of raising them and
watching these amazing human beings start to come out and be themselves”.

The 40-year-old actress also revealed she is never happier than when spending time with her family.

“My best Saturday morning would be sleeping in and then having a really lazy day with the family, cooking, laughing and hanging out.”