Here are 6 South African TV facts that will make you feel super old!

2014-07-10 12:09
Tinah Zabezolo

Cape Town - In keeping with the popular #ThrowbackThursday trend we decided to search the internet to find 6 proudly South African TV facts that will make you feel super old!

1) 7de Laan

The first episode of SABC 2's popular Afrikaans soapie, 7de Laan, aired in 2000! Which means we've been sitting on our couch every day at 18:27 watching Matrone and Oubaas for 14 years!

2) K-T.V.

The first episode of M-Net’s wildly popular kids TV programme, K-T.V., was aired 24 years ago in 1990. The final episode was aired on 31 March 2011. Remember the catchy theme song?

3) Candîce Hillebrand

And here is another fun K-T.V. fact! Candîce Hillebrand, who was one of the young presenters on the TV show, is now 37 years old. In 2008, Hillebrand was offered the role of Nina Williams, a character in the film adaptation of the popular video game series, Tekken.

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4) Mango Groove

The group's popular song Special Star was released in 1989! That means the song is 25 years old this year!

Or in other words: The song Special Star is 2 years older than our other local favourite hottie, Maps Maponyane!

5) Leon Schuster's There's a Zulu On my Stoep

This hilarious film first premiered in 1993! That makes the film older than our democracy! That's 21 years ago!

6) Volkswagen

The famous David Kramer Volkswagen ad was first aired 30 years ago in 1984.

We were just like:

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We had a quickie with SA's hottest twins!

Hat tip to BuzzFeed.

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  • Chase Cameron - 2014-07-10 12:43

    Candice... are those real?

      Rudi Smith - 2014-07-10 13:12

      Where in the world is Candice Hillebrand?

      Kathi Smuts - 2014-07-10 13:32

      What her nails:)

      Len Coetzee - 2014-07-10 13:55

      te mooi...jitte

      Paul Nel - 2014-07-10 14:20

      Who could forget that......Face

      Callie de Jager - 2014-07-10 14:24

      Real nice!

      Robert Sidney - 2014-07-10 15:48

      @rudi smith. She went to Hollywood to try and make it big, like Charlize, but failed. I saw her in some low budget movie (Tekken, released 2010) and felt truly sorry for her.

      Prego George - 2014-07-10 18:47

      Chase you missed something she can be your mother now.

      Andrew St John Rowland - 2014-07-11 10:08

      Those were, but if I remember correctly when she went State-side she ruined her looks by getting those stupid lip implants.

  • Chris McComb - 2014-07-10 14:06

    Candîce Hillebrand was the only reason I watched K-TV

      Robert Sidney - 2014-07-10 15:44

      Ditto. She was just perfect

      Andries Heyhey Heyns - 2014-07-10 16:42

      Candice Hillebrand were two reasons I watched K-TV

      Johannes Smid - 2014-07-10 16:43

      @Chris And judging by your picture now, you were how old then Chris?

      Prego George - 2014-07-10 18:50

      What else did you watch Chris.

  • Ethan Xander - 2014-07-10 14:35

    Another fun fact about KTV, it was canceled to make room for repeats.

      Nick Andrews - 2014-07-10 16:07


  • Andre de Leeuw - 2014-07-10 15:47

    Motorboat material!!

  • Faith Sabelo - 2014-07-10 16:08

    the last pic... SA's hottest twins!! hmmm *melts*

  • Ryan Styles - 2014-07-10 18:15

    The good ol' days...

      Ashley Fourie - 2014-07-11 14:24

      yeah, starting to feel old

  • TaaiD13 - 2014-07-10 22:54

    In primary school i had a ktv haircut. I had the initials cut at the back of my head

  • Wesley Sharlton - 2014-07-11 08:50

    Lmao I am LIVING for these comments below! Good to see we can still have some fun every now and then....

  • Kevin Williams - 2014-07-11 13:53

    Oooh Candice, my ck right btween those tts!!!

  • Bianca Potgieter - 2014-07-15 04:37

    feeling pretty old now.thanx!

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