Hot on the heels of Homeland stars in Cape Town

2014-06-19 14:27
Cape Town – By now all of us know that the cast of Homeland is currently in Cape Town shooting season 4 of the brilliant series.

And we’ve all seen the photos of Claire Danes spotted out and about in Cape Town.

But, everyone seems to have forgotten about the rest of the cast, so we went in search of what they’ve been up to while in Cape Town.

This is what we found out:

Sexy British actor Rupert Friend, who plays CIA operative and assassin Peter Quinn, shared the following pic on his Instagram account with the caption: "Beautiful South African skies..."

We also found out that US actor Mandy Patinkin is in town. He plays Carrie's mentor and the CIA's Middle-East Division Chief, Saul Berenson in the series. According to this tweet, he was spotted in a shop in Cape Town:

Another Twitter user, @AshlinSimpson, tweeted on Saturday: "Just saw the guy who plays Saul in Homeland at the V&A Woolies. Suh cool. Of course, it being Cape Town, nobody cared."

A stuntman on the set also posted a pic on Instagram of an explosion during filming on Wednesday.

Claire Danes has been seen all over Cape Town hanging out in the hot spots.

Channel24 earlier reported that the Homeland actress was first spotted in South Africa at the Harbour House restaurant in Kalk Bay.

According to City Press the 35-year-old star was also seen enjoying local cuisine at the Test Kitchen in Woodstock and Yours Truly in Kloof Street.

Fans also spotted Claire at Takumi sushi restaurant in Gardens.

A source revealed to Channel24 that the actress won’t be hanging around town for too long as she will be leaving the set for a while before returning to complete filming. Production of this season of Homeland is reported to continue late this year.
The cast was also spotted at Cape Town station over the weekend. An extra on the set, @Ezra19, tweeted on Sunday: "#Homeland! Enjoyed the set today at cape town station.. #clairedanes #iwasataliban"

The whole cast is currently in media lockdown and not allowed to talk to the press.

*Have you spotted the Homeland cast in Cape Town? Mail Channel24 at with your scoop!


  • Raymond Kok - 2014-06-19 15:29

    miesies Sisulu eat your heart out Cape town rules ,and my dear is a fact like a cow read it and weap

  • David Brits - 2014-06-19 16:54

    Why rune a fantastic series I enjoy by shooting it in its no good. Will give s4 a miss wont be worth watching now at all....everything filmed in rsa is sh! t.....

      Nadia Boucher Coombe - 2014-06-20 11:34

      geez dude. negative much? There has been some amazing movies with big stars shot in SA. Safe House (Denzel Washington) Invictus (Matt Damon, Morgan Freeman) Blood Diamond (Leonardo DiCaprio) Lord of War (Nicholas Cage) District 9 Show some patriotism.

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