Is Kurt Cobain's 'paranoid' daughter living as a recluse?

2014-04-07 17:00

Los Angeles - Kurt Cobain's daughter has reportedly become a recluse.

Frances Bean Cobain - the daughter of the Nirvana frontman and his widow Courtney Love - is said to "rarely go out", with insiders claiming she has become "pretty paranoid" over the years.

A source told The Sun newspaper: "Frances rarely goes out. Her staff are sent to buy bags of take-out food a few times a day for her and her friends.

"She has barely been seen outside in 18 months and has turned her Mediterranean-style home into a fortress by building giant walls to cut herself off from the world and installing tons of CCTV. She seems pretty paranoid."

It was recently announced that police were re-examining the Nirvana frontman's death 20 years after he was believed to have committed suicide.

Two new pictures have been released; one showing a cigar box on the floor near the singer's body, as well as cash, a woolly hat and an open wallet displaying his ID and another showing the inside of the box, which contains drug paraphernalia.

The Seattle police force say they found four undeveloped rolls of film from the scene in a police photo lab, which give a clearer picture than exiting Polaroids.

However, they have made clear they are not reopening the investigation into Kurt's death.


  • Splunken Gobblesmack - 2014-04-07 17:34

    That's a pretty old picture of her. She did a shoot with Hedi Slimane in 2011 where the family resemblance to her father is insane.

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