JLo priced out of show by diva demands

2013-04-01 21:53

Los Angeles -  Jennifer Lopez's diva demands have cost her a gig in front of 60 million viewers.

The singer was wanted for the opening ceremony of India's Premier League cricket tournament, but her ''idiotic'' list meant reportedly ''priced herself out'' of the show.

The Sun newspaper said she wanted dozens of hotel rooms for her massive entourage - including assistants, stylists and a chef - and a private jet.

A source claimed: ''The demands were outrageous. She effectively priced herself out of the event. It was idiotic because the audience for this event is huge.''

A spokesperson for the On the Floor hitmaker insisted she turned down an offer to play the show because she was busy recording an album.

Despite the reports, one thing Jennifer won't be putting a value on is her close friends after she described their companionship as ''priceless'' earlier this month,

She said: ''Oh my God, my girlfriends are everything to me. They celebrate with you, they cry with you, they hold you when you need to be held. They laugh with you.

"They're mean with you! They're just always there, and it's just a priceless thing to have.''


  • Junaid Van Der Walt - 2013-04-01 22:26

    Everyone has a price tag and she's got hers.

      Monica Steuer - 2013-06-14 13:38

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  • Cheslin White - 2013-04-01 23:24

    Who (long pause) cares

  • Ferdi Preller - 2013-04-02 02:22

    Jennifer? Who??

  • Timothy - 2013-04-02 05:19

    If the offer was turned down, how did the demand list come about?

  • Craig Wilson - 2013-04-02 05:42

    at least shes just old humble jenny from the block.get someone else.preferably someone with a smaller ego and ass.

  • John Cryink - 2013-04-02 05:45

    Time for her to go on pension

  • john.buang.39 - 2013-04-02 06:46

    lol ridiculous !

  • Wernich Ingozi Wilsenach - 2013-04-02 06:53

    jlo didn't have a citi moment of success.

  • Khanyo Ngwane - 2013-04-02 07:10

    Jealous Down, she's blessed with a beautiful body not to mention her curves. Not too many have those......

      Lynn Hattingh - 2013-04-02 09:17

      And your point is?

  • Lynn Hattingh - 2013-04-02 07:31

    A Chihuahua with an attitude!

  • Caine Abel - 2013-04-02 16:14

    Dont need more money got lots and lots

  • Bongiwe Hlatshwayo - 2013-04-03 07:16

    i neva realised that half of sa was so negative and mean

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