Jada Smith caught in Marc Anthony's arms

2011-08-31 11:16
Los Angeles – According to In Touch magazine, Will Smith walked in on his wife Jada Pinkett Smith and Jennifer Lopez's estranged husband Marc Anthony together.

Will and Jada denied rumours that their marriage was on the rocks, while a spokesperson for Marc Anthony also branded the stories as false.

According to the article, Will Smith was in tears after he found his wife in the arms of Marc Anthony.

A source claims that Willl has not made it known exactly what he saw.

In Touch alleges that Jada moved out of the house the following day, while Will fired some of the household staff for keeping things from him.

Anthony was Jada's co-star in the television series Hawthorne and according to sources, everyone on the set could see that the actors had developed feelings for each other.

Watch a clip from Hawthorne below to see Marc Anthony and Jada Pinkett Smith perform a kissing scene:


  • Daemos1 - 2011-08-31 11:25

    Where there's a will....

      kidblack - 2011-08-31 22:45

      I think Willy and JLo would make a fabulous couple.

      Joe_Public - 2011-08-31 22:54

      Hollywood: The world's richest trailor park. Can't believe they even have marriages there anymore.

  • sean - 2011-08-31 11:28

    I dont quite get what these chicks see in this Marc Anthony but anyway ! ! !

      Ken J May - 2011-08-31 20:30

      Apparently he can lick his own eyebrows!

      Kiljoy - 2011-09-02 07:17

      I could'nt agree more,he looks like a Sesame street character,from Saturday morning cartoons !

  • Antionette - 2011-08-31 11:29


      Daemos1 - 2011-08-31 11:55

      She was tired of big willy

      mpumie - 2011-08-31 13:37

      and she wanted a man her size.

      CPII - 2011-08-31 18:08

      Agreed. What did he also see in JLo's fat ass :o

  • Mhingasi - 2011-08-31 11:56

    where there's smoke there's fire

  • Fredster69 - 2011-08-31 12:10

    ag nee man

  • rainman - 2011-08-31 12:14

    phew man, his acting is almost as bad as his singing..hmm maybe other way around.

  • donkerhond - 2011-08-31 12:14

    So this is a story all about how Will's life was flipped upside down.

  • Nicol - 2011-08-31 12:19

    Will and Jada have an open marriage...fat chance this story is true!!! Another feable attempt to sell stupid magazines!

      Daemos1 - 2011-08-31 12:23

      Are you one of the staff members that got fired? shem

  • John Jameson - 2011-08-31 12:49

    Now who's the Bad Boy getting jiggy with it?

      Daemos1 - 2011-08-31 13:03

      tommy lee jones

  • Set - 2011-08-31 13:05

    Am surprised News24 published this story now , It happened 2 weeks ago!!

  • chez - 2011-08-31 13:05

    Whats wrong with teh woman? Marc is icky. Will on the otehr hand....mmmmmm. yummy

  • cat8fish - 2011-08-31 13:29

    this is so false

  • Rain-Man3 - 2011-08-31 14:05

    'Gettin' giggy wit it' nah nahnahnah...what's that song again ...lol

  • n_juiced - 2011-08-31 14:32

    could this scene be anymore ironic....

  • duits - 2011-08-31 14:40

    Marc Anthony.....eeuuwwww!!!!!

      Orcanda - 2011-08-31 17:54

      I agree he is icky eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewww. He has a face like a toilet moquito. I still wonder what JLO saw in him. Maybe he is for some woman "Ugly but lovely, every womans flower"

  • samzaG - 2011-08-31 15:30

    uyafeba inja sorry bru, you tried almost everything to make this b*tch a human being

      Daemos1 - 2011-08-31 17:26


  • Grynch - 2011-08-31 17:21

    Who the hell is Jada Smith and I thought Marc Anthony was a Roman General? Why does anyone care anyway?

  • Orcanda - 2011-08-31 17:51

    Oh my these Gossip magazines just dont give up they have to think out huge lies and the idiots gobble everything up they write

  • Nnete-ke-Nnete - 2011-08-31 21:09

    I thought they had an open relationship, if she wanted to sleep with anyone all she had to do was let him know so he could move out of her hair, lol. Playing with fire burns, ouch, lol.

  • Nnete-ke-Nnete - 2011-08-31 21:13

    Lets not critisize Marc on his looks, he managed to land two hot women, he's doing something right... As for Will "OPEN RELATIONSHIP" remember, lmao. Trying to be all cool, once you get a taste of something good thats not in the house, i bet you'll be out there next to it.

  • diplomat - 2011-08-31 22:17

    Well I worked out with her in the gym while they were filming Mohammed Ali the boxer in Maputo. She is quite masculine. And not pretty close by. What did he see in her?

  • Oscar - 2011-08-31 23:55

    Damn.....work work work i cant imagine another man going down with my wife like that.oscar

  • Roadkill - 2011-09-01 14:52

    Jada's got some nice legs though.

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