Jennifer Aniston to pen memoir

2013-02-08 15:04
Los Angeles - Jennifer Aniston has reportedly been offered a huge sum to write her autobiography.

The former Friends actress is so happy with her engagement to Justin Theroux and content with her life after years of romantic turmoil she is believed to be considering the offer and if she puts pen to paper she will reveal all about her split from ex-lover Brad Pitt and other famous men.

A source told the new US issue of OK! magazine: "Jen won't want to dwell on bad things she'll want people to be laughing, not crying. It's not about going after Brad and Angelina [Jolie] but if she does write it she will be honest."

'Marriage boot camp'

"What happened with John Mayer and how he cruelly ripped her heart out will be one big confession. And then the ridiculous fling with Gerard Butler, people will laugh at the story behind that one."

Jennifer, 43 recently booked herself and fiancé Justin, 41, into an intense three-day "marriage boot camp" in Santa Monica in preparation for when they tie the knot.

"Jennifer and Justin are super-excited about their big day, but she thought it would be a good idea to start married life rid of any problems," a source revealed.

"Justin seems to be as much a believer in the therapy as Jennifer is. On arrival, they had to hand over their phones and undertake counselling, couple massages and screaming therapy - where you howl your feelings out at the top of your voice."


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