Jessica Simpson avoiding her father

2012-11-20 22:12
Los Angeles - Jessica Simpson's relationship with her father is allegedly very strained.

The singer, who is currently hosting a style show on the US television network CBS, is reportedly going out of her way to have minimal contact with her father Joe Simpson, who is also her manager, since her parents announced their divorce amid rumours he is gay.

A source told gossip website "Joe has been respectfully turning up at NBC at times he knows Jessica won't be there. It's the only way that it could have worked, because Jessica is struggling to work with him around her.

"Jessica comes in, fulfils her work requirements and leaves, and then Joe comes in later to check in with producers and conduct any meetings that are needed. Jessica just doesn't want any awkward run-ins with him and doesn't feel comfortable with him being around her right now.

Joe denies he is gay

"She's still struggling to come to terms with Joe's coming out, leaving her mom and his gay affairs and doesn't want to work on re-building their relationship until she's good and ready - and that's not right now. At the moment, she hasn't quite forgiven him and is also considering new management when her deal with her dad expires."

The 32-year-old singer-turned-fashion designer's father, who denies he is gay, was sentenced to three years probation for driving under the influence (DUI) last week.

The showbiz patriarch pleaded no contest to one misdemeanour charge through his attorney and was also ordered to attend a three-month alcohol education class and pay a fine of $390 plus penalties.

A second charge was dismissed.