Justin Bieber caught misbehaving in CT

2013-05-10 11:39
Cape Town - Teen pop star Justin Bieber has reportedly been a handful during his stay at the One&Only hotel in Cape Town, crashing a golf cart while playing bumper cars with his entourage.

eNCA reports that hotel staff confirmed that 19-year-old Bieber, along with his mother Patti Mallette had been staying with them since Tuesday and ordered water cannons and Playstation games to be sent to his suite.

He also requested that the pool area be closed off and accessed exclusively by him and his crew.

A staff member of the One&Only's customer care said: "He (Bieber) and his bodyguards used the carts to play bumper cars in the basement."

The hotel employee, who did not want to be named, added: "He misbehaved a bit on the first night, I think it was the jet lag coming from Dubai".

WATCH: SA comedy duo interviews young Beliebers in Cape Town

Corey Gamble, who is Bieber's production A&R coordinator, confirmed the incident to eNCA: "Yeah it happened, I had to pay for it myself (...) It's got his custom scratches on it now."

Dedicated Bieber fans, who call themselves Beliebers, were seen camping outside the hotel at the V&A Waterfront on the off chance they might catch a glimpse of their idol.

Bieber's manager Scooter Braun said that the pop star left Cape Town after performing to a 65 000-strong sold out audience at the Cape Town Stadium on Wednesday.

Hotel staff confirmed that Bieber was in fact on safari, and would not be returning to Cape Town. Bieber has previously visited South Africa on a safari holiday at the Idube Game Reserve back in September 2010.

Justin Bieber will next take his Believe world tour to Johannesburg's FNB Stadium on Sunday, 12 May for another sold-out performance.


  • mluleki.simelane - 2013-05-10 11:54

    This is not news

      Robbie - 2013-05-10 12:17

      Must be news. You read it!!

      Thuto Moloi - 2013-05-10 13:00

      I think old people hate Bieber because he achieved so much in 19 years than they will ever do in their whole lives..

      Elana Wolmarans - 2013-05-10 13:13

      I'm not old and I don't like him because he's a little twerp who treats his life and his fans like it's all one big joke. One way trip to self destruction at the moment, won't be long before he ends up in rehab like countless other spoilt brat child stars.

      Cherri Pye - 2013-05-10 16:21

      Elana, no offence, but you would be considered old by the majority of Bieber fans....just saying

      Deon Hamilton - 2013-05-11 08:14

      Well, why don't you try News24?

      Jono Qmann - 2013-05-11 11:50

      why do you guys even care! he has the money, its his money and he can do with it what he wants...if he pays for the damages then by all means leave him alone to have fun...i wish our president could pay for his damages! if he is disrespectful then so be it...he will grow up one day!

      Mario V Calcagni - 2013-05-11 20:35

      well this is not a news portal

      Jco van Rooyen - 2013-05-12 09:26

      Who is Justin Bieber?

      Morne de Meillon - 2013-05-12 15:42

      His misbehavior, was due to his jet lag!, really? Comes from the believeabieber syndrome......

      Billy Bunter - 2013-05-12 15:45

      @Thato Moloi - that's as stupid as saying old people hate Honey Boo Boo for the same reason. Not so - we hate her because she is an obnoxious dwarf with a retarded mother - just like Justin....

      Trevor Roberts - 2013-05-12 23:31

      Kick the little prick and his morons out of the Hotel.

      Jan Hendrik - 2013-05-13 07:43

      This is so boring, I thought the article is gonna be filled with news about tik and teenage pregnancy... This is pretty average stuff.

      Joe Carl - 2013-05-13 09:01

      mluleki..a truer statement has not be said.

      Rainbow Nation - 2013-05-13 09:27

      To all the negative comments on this article , i bet you or your kids have done far worse as a teenager.

      Rainbow Nation - 2013-05-13 09:29

      @elna So the poor kid, who is still a kid,is not allowed to have fun or enjoy his fame and playing bumping cars with golf carts is a ticket to rehab .............gee I really pity your kids!

      Torq Smith - 2013-05-13 14:25

      I am old ,Really old, Justin bieber only sings for little boys and little girls ,I`m still waiting for the next big hit ,so far, Michael Jackson is still the biggest and currently of ALL Time ....Michael’s first hit ...ABC and is still a sensation for both young and old, Justin Bieber baby baby baby oh is has been sang and is now Mors dead lol

  • Blackpoison - 2013-05-10 12:00

    Freakin brat!

      Erich Goosen - 2013-05-13 20:08

      Playing stampkarre with golf carts. This is a monstrous battle between stupidity and arrogance.

  • Lawrence_Ntuli - 2013-05-10 12:01

    Spoilt brat!

  • Steve du Preez - 2013-05-10 12:02

    "He also requested that the pool area be closed off and accessed exclusively by him and his crew" . . . . so young and already a spoilt diva. Yes - I typed diva! Little snot is almost as bad a the Guptas

      Sharon Scott - 2013-05-10 12:06

      Lol - well said

      Joe Soapie - 2013-05-10 19:40

      I would have loved to be filthy rich. I'd have bought the hotel (think of Batman where he buys the restaurant/hotel) and then kicked the little douche out .. then made him pay for the damage to private property.

      Riaan Mostert - 2013-05-11 17:03

      Ooh. We have a little groupie by the name of Mandy. Do you want biebies babies?

      Justice Schwart - 2013-05-13 11:52

      He thinks he is a Gupta, to demand exclusivity.

  • Yvonne Lennert - 2013-05-10 12:02

    What a spoilt brat!!!!!

  • Liz Smith - 2013-05-10 12:02

    A good spanking might help!

  • Ben Nevis - 2013-05-10 12:03

    Justine seems to be just as immature as her music.

  • Coen Venter - 2013-05-10 12:05


  • Erick Vogel - 2013-05-10 12:08

    Just another snutnose that got famous.

  • Megan Riddell - 2013-05-10 12:13

    I'm the first to turn into a diabolical internet troll with anything relating to the JB... But seriously. Shock, gasp, horror, a 19 year old crashed a golf cart, since when has that never happened? Did they damage other people's private property? Doesn't sound like it (obviously the golf cart and that's obviously being settled), did he go out and get smash-faced drunk like most 19 year olds do? The pool story drives me up the wall because god help that hotel if I had paid a fortune to stay there only to be told I can't use half the facilities because of some little teenager, but again, he isn't the first, nor will he be the last to demand exclusivity to what is essentially an open place to other users. So, back to the first commentators point: This is not news.

      Stefanie Ash - 2013-05-10 12:26

      "Did they damage other people's private property?" huh? what do you call the golf carts??!! yes they damanged other people's property! Besides, that is no way for anyone to behave, let alone someone with his influencial stature.

      Megan Riddell - 2013-05-11 14:16

      Here is a fine example of people seeing only that which they want to see because of course: (obviously the golf cart and that's obviously being settled) does not in the least indicate acknowledgement of what was damaged.

  • Wilma Scott - 2013-05-10 12:19

    Justin you are visiting one of the most exiting places and you behave like we own you something dude wake up not everybody think that its cool to behave bad. What is the image you want your fans to remeber a brat or a cool talented teenager.

  • Xoliswa Poppy Magqira - 2013-05-10 12:21

    Just let the child be!!

      Ernica Stanford - 2013-05-11 11:24

      And that's exactly what he is. A nineteen year old with the brain of a five year old and his mother is not much better for having brought him up that way. Bad upbringing and an IQ of 4 is no excuse for his bad behaviour. And before anyone starts schreaming about him only being nineteen, we are lucky enough to have stars like Jackie who are only eleven and behave superbly with beautiful manners.

      Ernica Stanford - 2013-05-11 11:26

      Forgive the typo, "screaming"

  • Stefanie Ash - 2013-05-10 12:23

    What a sh@t attitude. His production coordinator seems to think that it is an asset to have carts damaged by a snotty teenager with too much money. Zero respect for people and things around him. Suppose that is what happens to children who grow up too fast and get zero guidance from their parents. Disgrace.

  • Wayne Strydom - 2013-05-10 12:24

    Before you all get so judgemental, just look up some of the shenanigans that YOUR fav rock/pop stars got up to before they became aging hasbeens. It comes with the territory. Oh, and while you're about it, what about some of the shenanigans YOU probably got up to in hotel rooms. JUDGE NOT GUYS...

      Sam Jones - 2013-05-10 21:38

      Wayne's World...

  • Roy Wadhams - 2013-05-10 12:24


  • Anthony Dienst - 2013-05-10 12:26

    When I saw the headline, I thought he had refused to go to sleep until his mother read a bed time story and he had his blankie with him

  • Pierre Van Der Walt - 2013-05-10 12:28

    Spoiled little brat..

      Pierre Van Der Walt - 2013-05-10 12:29

      Sorry.I noticed others already said the same.

  • Dean Hart - 2013-05-10 12:29

    If I was in his position I'd also be playing bumper golf cart... Lol

      Zahir - 2013-05-11 17:48

      U have a jb obsession get over it

  • Dean Hart - 2013-05-10 12:29

    Makes no diff they gonna pay for the damages any way

      Sam Jones - 2013-05-10 21:41

      How can you say it makes no difference? So you wouldn't mind if he drove your car into a pole and paid for the damage??? There is a little thing called R.E.S.P.E.CT.

      Brenda Staples - 2013-05-11 20:49

      The hotel have insurance that needs to be reassessed every time something like this happens, never mind safety issues that will also have to be dealt with. Had this not gone on to be "news", then it might have been swept under the carpet, but now the Hotel probably have an increase happening on their insurance as well as the department of labour at the door doing an assessment on their safety procedures. Time and money that could have been spent else where. This is not just about some teenage youth who seriously needs to pull up his pant having too much money than sense but a legal and logistic nightmare for hotel management.

  • Dean Hart - 2013-05-10 12:30

    His fans will remember the cool headed teenager either way

  • Andre Krige - 2013-05-10 12:33

    One and only needs the publicity ! They are loving it

  • Jacques Loots - 2013-05-10 12:37

    I say put him out of our misery, guess that comment will call the wrath of the beliebers down on me, LOOSERS

  • Gershwin Music-man Bazier - 2013-05-10 12:45

    how can he be a spoilt brat if its his own money? mmm

  • William Hallett - 2013-05-10 12:47


  • Anne Myers - 2013-05-10 12:50

    Ag shame! This reporter has no real news and wants some airtime! Poor unchallenged sod! I wish all teenagers behaved so "badly"...: Playstation games, water cannons, golf cart races in a quiet parking garage ... go find some real news, you guys!

      Kadesh Barnea - 2013-05-11 20:40

      Yes, plenty of other kids do lots of worse things for "fun" but don't get in the news because they're not rich and famous. At least he wasn't out clubbing and getting drunk like most of the sports heroes... And I can imagine how I might have been if I was as famous and rich at that age... SCARY!!

  • Mike Muir - 2013-05-10 12:51

    The quicker this little pr1ck leaves our shores the better, he is certainly no role model!

      Amber Keane - 2013-05-10 12:53

      He never said he was a role model. Attend to your own shortcomings and stop criticizing people you don't know, and never will.

  • Amber Keane - 2013-05-10 12:52

    Since when are scratches on a golf cart misbehaving?

      Ric Surfers Paradise - 2013-05-10 13:01

      Did you ask your mum for permition use the computer ??..

      Cherri Pye - 2013-05-10 16:02

      What is 'permition'?

  • ARTFUL DODGER. - 2013-05-10 12:53

    coming from food stamps, to wealth, makes this little prick think he is can do anything he wants. GO BACK TO CANADA, MISSY!!!!

  • Reese Dunn - 2013-05-10 13:02


  • Zwelakhe Ndaba - 2013-05-10 13:06

    He needs a shambock on his back side!

  • Vanessa Woest - 2013-05-10 13:10

    he has NO MANNERS and far too much money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why makes demands, u r not the only 1 on this planet u snotnose

  • Jade Donavon Grobler - 2013-05-10 13:10

    You see he is nothing more than a rich spoilt brat with a voice....

  • Mello Maase - 2013-05-10 13:17

    It is jealous. He is only a kid. It is not like he refused to pay. How many kids did more than that even killing. How many adults did wrong things because they have money to pay or for defence. Why do we have to talk about his country etc. Canada is a leading country in charity involvement in SA. Why dont we complain. Did he say racial or tribal remarks? If u r not his fan doesnt mean others r not. Why leave focusing on real SA challenges like the Breach of State Security, Corruption, Racism and tribalism, Crime, and all form of intolerances plaguing SA. Why turn ur frustrations on a teenager?

  • Tasneem Cader - 2013-05-10 13:17

    Wen a typical capetonian 19yr old misbehaves it def won't b like this,ther wud b drugs an alcohol involved. Wot he did was just childs play. #im not even a Bieber fan,just calling it as I see it. So y r so many of u complainin of wot he did? Was that realy wot u see as misbehaving? Damn we see news of boys that age raping an mutilating ppl on a daily basis yet u shocked @ this? Lol wen I opened this article I thort I was gona read he had a big party with drunk ppl an smashed things in etc.

      Mia Brown - 2013-05-10 13:29

      WHY do we see so many posts written like this? Why can't you write in proper English? Is it really that hard??

      Tasneem Cader - 2013-05-10 14:21

      Its social networking launguage and there are people who use it way worse than this! Get use to it, people are too busy to write out in full.

      Mia Brown - 2013-05-10 15:39

      If you're capable of writing words like "misbehaving" and "mutilating" in full, then you can use the correct forms of "wen" and "wot". I don't care if it's "social networking language". It looks dimwitted and ridiculous. Especially if you're trying to make a serious point.

      Sam Jones - 2013-05-10 21:47

      Agreed, Mia. Unfortunately the days of proper English are disappearing. Even teachers can't spell correctly. It takes longer to read that rubbish, as you have to figure out what the word means. I just ignore those comments, or get half way through and give up.

      Sam Jones - 2013-05-10 21:49

      Tasneem - these particular people are not too busy. They are too damned lazy, or too uneducated, or too image conscious - none are good character traits.

  • Elliot Constable Gxolo - 2013-05-10 13:41

    People you need to get a life.. There's absolutely nothing to write home about here. Is the guy not allowed to have fun? Are we his kindergarten teachers that we need to watch his every move? We were all young and mischevous, so lets not forget that inspite of all his success he's still a teenager... If you think he ought o behave differently, then it's people like ou that treat him as if he is super human!

      Cherri Pye - 2013-05-10 16:03

      One of the few sensible comments here.

      Sam Jones - 2013-05-10 21:52

      Elliot - you are right - these are normal antics of an immature male adolescent. But if you allow behaviors like this to continue, who knows what it may turn into later in life. Understand it, yes... Don't allow it to get out of hand. It's his mother's job to guide him and teach him. Not let him run amok.

  • Jacques Loots - 2013-05-10 13:51

    lol, leave bieby alone, just leave him alnoe, NUT JOBS.

  • Ami Mzazi - 2013-05-10 14:45

    That's not misbehaving, it's called being young, sure he payed double of whatever he broke, let the boy live his life, just hope Scooter Braun doesn't leave him when the drug use start to get out of control because that's where it's going very fast.

  • Sandy Kroukamp - 2013-05-10 15:26

    Yeah what about his poor grandfather who has no money cant even give him a few of his dollars shame on you little fat head

      Cherri Pye - 2013-05-10 16:04

      Stop reading gossip mags....or are you related to them that you know so much?

  • Cherri Pye - 2013-05-10 16:00

    Oh for crying out loud, leave the kid alone. That is what he is, a 19 yr old kid who is living his dream and who just so happens to have more money than any of you old farts commenting here ever will. I'm not a Bieber fan at all, but really, just cut him some slack. We all did dumb things at that age.

      Sam Jones - 2013-05-10 21:54

      You certainly sound like one.

      Cherri Pye - 2013-05-10 23:01

      Yep, Sam and you sound like one of the old farts I was referring to, you know the kind that had big dreams of being rock stars, but couldn't even make it in the church choir. Envy is a terrible trait.

  • Sibonelo Sikumbuzo Ncanana - 2013-05-10 16:56

    All 19 year olds misbehave, is it because he has money that his not allowed to misbehave?

      Ernica Stanford - 2013-05-11 11:38

      No it's because he has kids from 5yrs and upwards that look up to him, and if you hold that position in life, you should try and set a good example. He has a responsibility of being an example to the future generation.

      Sean Mitchell - 2013-05-11 20:43

      Ernica. He owes no such responsibility. He is not an elected official.

  • Lohan Felix - 2013-05-10 19:25

    arrogant little diva!

  • Neels Uys - 2013-05-10 20:21

    such sour comments, he's making 130 000 kids very happy wih his 2 shows here.who care's about a scratched golf cart, a kid playing play station and paying to reserve a pool area..

  • Hilda Mulder - 2013-05-10 21:20

    Spoiled brat

  • Marah Louw - 2013-05-10 22:39

    Please leave Bieber alone, he's just a kid and enjoying Kid's stuff, Don't try and fast forward him to your boring Old lifestyles. I love Justine Bieber, and I'm old enough to be his Grandmother, he is talented and young, a gift from the above. Let him Play with his toys if he feels like it. I love true talent, Qha ke!

      Sean Mitchell - 2013-05-11 20:41

      I agree except for the "gift from above" nonsense

  • John Connor - 2013-05-11 04:53

    Jet lag coming from Dubai?????

      Ami Mzazi - 2013-05-11 07:48


  • Tolene Vd Merwe - 2013-05-11 08:48

    Not a Bieber fan nor do I like tha chap, but don't you think that as someone who is idolised by millions of youngsters, it is fr bettere that he plays bumper cars and requests privacy of a pool, rather than go out drinking at the age of 19 (which I am sure many of us did), getting smashed, falling out of limo's etc. i think his mom has done a good job so car, considering that he does have a bit of an attitude with all his fame... I would much rather my child play bumper cars because Bieber did than feel he can go out on a bender because Bieber did. Many other Z list celebrities ask to have pools and shops closed off so they can 'have some peace'. Although if you are famous you need to deal with all that comes with the 'job' just like ordinary people need to deal with what comes with our jobs. I was kind of expecting a 'Lindsey Lohan' type story when openening this though..

  • George Wood - 2013-05-11 10:32

    19 ? more like a spoilt 12 year old! Perhaps mummy should put him over her knee!!

  • Chris Clark - 2013-05-11 14:23

    wedding party misbehaved at the air force base ?

  • Arno Louw - 2013-05-11 16:43

    Kill it! Kill it with fire!

  • Michael Moolman - 2013-05-11 17:39

    Seriously, Is this really! a newsworthy story. And no Robbie, I also did not read the story.