Justin Bieber comes out of his early retirement to do THIS?!

2014-07-25 06:00
Bronwyn McKay

Los Angeles – While his ex-girlfriend has been seen cosying up to a mystery man on a jet-ski, it looks like Justin Bieber couldn’t stand to do nothing and has started ‘making’ music again.

The Broken singer shared a whole bunch of teasers that he has been working on, giving his fans a taste of what is to come.

Could he just be keeping busy to deal with Selena’s ways of moving on or did the young hitmaker realise it is absolutely absurd to retire at the tender age of 20?

Anyway, here are 5 of his 'masterpieces' in the making and how we feel about them:

1) A tribute to Selena?

2) No wait, he's letting us know he's moving on.

3) So here we sense a little resentment.

4) We're just going to shrug, IDK.

5) That's right Justin, if you've got nothing nice to say, keep it shut!

(Tumblr, Reaction GIFs)

Its sounds like he has been working hard, then again has he? Someone forgot to plug in their earphones...


If you want to hear more check the Biebs on his Instagram account.

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  • Sone Grobbelaar - 2014-07-25 15:54

    He's not retired! He just took a year off. That year should end quickly cause I can't wait for him to be back!!

  • Richard Young - 2014-07-26 06:56

    Beats headphones wireless maybe ? Or they not being used at the time of the picture but still being worn ?

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