Justin Bieber graduates high school

2012-05-08 17:34
Cape Town – Teen pop star Justin Bieber has completed his high school education because of his mother's encouragement.

The newspaper said Bieber told British newspaper The Telegraph: "I just finished high school. I passed my test - I'm free! It was hard doing school and work every day."

According to Huffington Post, former child stars such as Beyoncé, Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson and Lindsay Lohan had failed to complete their high school education once their careers took off.


But Justin revealed that he would not have achieved his high school diploma were it not for his mother.

"(Graduating) was something my mom really wanted me to do, so I had to do it for her," he said.

Justin admitted it was a challenge to complete his school and work at the same time. However, he said he would not want to swap his superstar lifestyle for a normal one.

"I mean, this kind of lifestyle has given me a different perspective on life.

"I've been able to travel the world. At school, usually you have to do a lot of writing and reading. I'm not really into that stuff. I like to be out there."

Justin did not reveal any plans to further his education at college any time soon.



  • Stirrer - 2012-05-09 10:48

    USA high school is about equivalent to our grade 9, or what?

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