Justin Bieber's monkey finds new home

2013-05-28 08:03
Bonn - Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber's pet monkey Mally has found a new home: the Serengeti wildlife park in northern Germany's Lueneburg Heath, Bild newspaper reported on Monday.

The capuchin monkey was seized by customs in March after the 19-year-old Bieber failed to produce the required vaccination and import papers for the animal when he arrived at Munich Airport.

Bieber failed to meet the deadline to produce the papers, and the animal was confiscated and transferred to a local animal shelter. The singer did not contest the confiscation, and the monkey became the property of the German state, the paper said.

'We do not give out any information'

Neither the park, which is a popular holiday destination, nor the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation, responsible for resettling seized animals, was willing to confirm that Mally, now five months old, was now living in Hodenhagen.

"We do not give out any information about where confiscated animals are housed," department head Dietrich Jelden told dpa. This was due to the fear that the often rare animals could be stolen, he said.

It is not clear whether Bieber will be liable for fines that could amount to tens of thousands of euros, Bild said.