Justin Timberlake has crush on Pippa

2011-10-31 13:44

Los Angeles - Justin Timberlake has a crush on Pippa Middleton.

The singer-and-actor - who recently reconciled with Jessica Biel following a brief split - thinks he is like many of his countrymen in admiring the brunette beauty - who is the sister of Britain's Kate Middleton - but doesn't want to sound like a "sleazeball" by discussing how attractive he finds her.

He told the new issue of Britain's Esquire magazine: "Us American males are big fans of Pippa. We like the Middletons very much. I'm going to sound like a sleazeball. I'm going to stop right there."

Justin is not the only celebrity to have spoken about finding Pippa attractive.

Prince William

Forget You hitmaker Cee Lo Green recently admitted he has become more "selective" in who he dates and thinks the party planner would be a perfect match for him.

He said: "As men, when we become famous, we become as particular as pretty women. So, these days I'm more selective. I can't be screwing around with just anyone now.

"I've got to go for a duchess or something. I've got to aim for (...) what's her name? Pippa? Piper?"

Asked if he meant Pippa, he said: "Yeah. I've got to go for Pippa, man. She's gorgeous. I like her."

N-Dubz rapper Dappy praised Pippa as "buff" and said he thought Prince William should have married her instead of her elder sister.

He said: "Have you seen the way she looks in that little tight dress going up that aisle? She is buff. "She should be getting married to Will! She's the one our eyes are on, innit."


  • gerhard.nel - 2011-10-31 13:49

    Why? She looks like a mouse?

  • Preshen - 2011-10-31 16:08

    she bring the sexy back

  • Leanne - 2011-10-31 16:34

    I dont need details from Justin Timberlake to know he is a sleazeball! Ek gril my dood vir die man.

  • Nikki - 2011-10-31 21:06

    Pippa's face probably looks like a man's when the make-up is off...

  • Naledi - 2011-11-29 01:30

    I doubt very much these men said these when they could get a Megan Fox or similar. Why is the media forcing Pippa on us. She is not Hot and she is not royalty. British ppl are bored

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