Justin mourns death of 'Mrs Bieber'

2012-09-27 08:10
Boston - A 6-year-old US girl, whose love for Justin Bieber encouraged hospital workers to organise a pretend wedding to the pop star as she battled a rare brain cancer, has died.

The family of Avalanna Routh - who called herself Mrs Bieber - said on their Twitter account that she died on Wednesday.

Her pretend wedding to Bieber led to a social media campaign to help her meet the singer.

Bieber later arranged for the girl to meet him in New York, before he tweeted that the experience was inspiring and the best thing he's done.

Avalanna suffered from an atypical teratoid rhabdoid tumour. Only 30 new cases are diagnosed in the US each year.

Bieber mourned the death of "one of the greatest spirits i have ever known," saying in a tweet: "RIP Avalanna. i love you."

He also posted a photo of himself with Avalanna, simply captioned "My angel".


  • mable.jacobs.90 - 2012-09-27 08:42

    RIP litle one

  • gareth.perkins.52 - 2012-09-27 10:56

    I like to believe that when someone so young is taken, That God needs them by his side. RIP

  • becky.jamieson1 - 2012-09-27 11:50

    Im reading this with tears streaming down my face... It's a terrible thing to lose someone but even more terrible when its a child. RIP baby girl! Heaven is blessed to have you...

  • harrison.ramosamo - 2012-09-27 12:06


  • sonja.b.bouwer - 2012-09-27 12:07


  • sonja.b.bouwer - 2012-09-27 12:08

    RIP Little Avalanna Routh

  • shirley.steenkamp - 2012-09-27 13:05

    Heaven just gained another angel. R.I.P. I cannot imagine how hard this is for her family.

      Martin Matsvimbo - 2012-09-29 11:52

      thank you very much justin for mourn,Mrs Bieber

  • bmaestro - 2012-09-27 13:21


  • monray.d.avontuur - 2012-09-27 14:08

    My thoughts are with the Routh Family in their time of grieve. May God be your stregnth through this hard time. Take comfort in the fact that she is safe in the arms of God.

  • iris.kiddanderson.1 - 2012-09-27 15:06

    Very sad, but do all you posters know how many children in SA are battling cancer? I think you will all be shocked.

  • iris.kiddanderson.1 - 2012-09-27 15:12

    Does anyboday know hown many children in SA are suffering from cancer? I'm sure you all will be shocked to know. What a good kid Justin Bieber is.

  • lielie.smit - 2012-09-27 15:15

    I was never a fan of Justin Bieber, but have to say, the last year or so he has grown up and the spoiled little boy actually learned about life and is getting better by the day. And damn, I like this new song of his.

  • patricia.hattingh.75 - 2012-09-27 15:26

    What an absolutely beautiful photograph, Heaven has another angel.

  • catgirl1971 - 2012-09-27 23:10

    Awww man, this is so tragic. The picture is so beautiful. I'm in tears here. Thank you Justin. RIP you beautiful little angel Avalanna.

  • nigelandrelittle - 2012-09-28 07:25

    it was brave of her for wot she had done she had a strongh spirt nd strongh hart tumbs up for the Love that Justin showed too this little girl.

  • dhoffmeester1 - 2012-09-28 09:52

    RIP "Mrs Bieber"

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