KStew goes wild on roadtrip

2013-06-25 22:34
Nashville - On Friday, while doing a road-trip with a group of friends, Kristen Stewart decided to get inked on the inside of her wrist - in red.

The tatoo parlor, Pride and Glory, posted photos of her and fans on their Facebook page, but it is unclear as to what she got tattooed exactly and the tattoo artists are keeping their mouths shut.

E! News reports that Kristen and her friends, which included CJ Romero, went to the parlor right before they left for the airport. The staff at Pride and Glory commented on their photo that "she is a humble amazing soul". Obviously the Hollywood star left quite an impression on the tattoo artists.

Kristen Stewart with the tattooists

Other stops

Before the tattoo stop Kristen and her entourage made a few other memorable stops on their trip. They stopped at a Hooters in Texas where awkward pics were taken of the starlet and some Hooters girl, some of the pics which made the social media rounds.

Kristen was also seen on the bar at the infamous Coyote Ugly Saloon, taking pictures with the dancing waitresses like in the movie.


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