Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are officially married!

2014-05-24 19:38
Florence - Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are married.

The couple, who went public with their relationship in April 2012 and have 11-month-old daughter North, exchanged vows in front of approximately 200 guests during an outdoor sunset ceremony at the Forte di Belvedere in Florence, Italy on Saturday

A source told PEOPLE.com that Rich Wilkerson Jr., a pastor from North Miami, performed the ceremony, which was organised by long-time Kardashian family friend and celebrity event planner Sharon Sacks, who also planned Kim's second wedding to Kris Humphries in 2011.

Kanye appeared to be very nervous beforehand, swigging obsessively from a bottle of water.

(The wedding venue. AFP)

An eyewitness said: “It was funny how nervous he was. He clearly knew the gravity of what he was about to do. This morning he was all smiles, but as it got closer, you could see that the nerves were kicking in. It's common for most grooms. I've seen it all before.”

Another source told E! News that Kim arrived at their wedding venue with her grandmother, Mary Jo Shannon, shortly after catching a private jet with her bridal party, including sisters, Kourtney and Khloé Kardashian, and mother, Kris Jenner, from Paris, where the couple enjoyed a pre-wedding celebration at the Palace of Versailles on Friday night.

An eyewitness said: “A convoy of cars arrived at around 15:00 local time. Kim was in the first car, which was a Mercedes-Benz. They drove the car right up and her assistant opened the door and Kim dashed in. She looked to be wearing white.

“Kourtney was carrying her daughter Penelope and her son Mason--in a red-striped outfit - followed behind.

“Kris Jenner got out of second car wearing black suit. And she put a big professional camera on a strap on her shoulders. She has obviously been taking professional pictures to remember the occasion.”

(Fans outside the wedding venue. AFP)

The New Slaves hitmaker surprised the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star by proposing to her on her 33rd birthday on October 21 at AT&T Park in San Francisco.

The couple started dating just months after the reality TV star split from ex-husband Kris in October 2011 after 72 days of marriage.

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    Congrats Kim. Wish you and Kanye a long and happy marriage.

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      huh? ..Okay.

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    Who the hell cares? Is this really news worthy. Go and report on something important.

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      Well you cared after skipping lock news and going straight to ENTERTAINMENT!

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    Aquaman(gayfish) and a Hobbit

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    Whoopi bang who cares , give us proper news !

  • tanya.truckenbrodt.3 - 2014-05-24 21:39

    Whoopi bang who cares , give us proper news !

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    And in other news I brused my teeth. Cleaned my face. And now I'm watching the football

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    if u do not have some news abt Boko haram and some useful news pls tell us about animals than wasting yo bandwidth on these bastards bon in sins,growing in sins and ready to die while dining!

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    And this is news worthy. They lived together for years, they have a kid, they lived as a married couple, so whats all the hype. Certainly not nrws worthy.

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    Who cares.....

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    He should have give you Princess Charlotte than that Kim but he was beaten by a 40 years old man. He has no game.

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