Kardashian baby on the way

2011-11-30 14:02
Cape Town - Kourtney Kardashian is pregnant again, reports Us Weekly.

The eldest Kardashian sister is nine weeks pregnant with her second child with partner Scott Disick.

Kourtney revealed to the magazine: "It wasn't like we were trying.

"We kind of just said if it's meant to be, it'll be."

E! News also received a statement from Kourtney announcing the news.

It read: "Scott and I are so excited to announce that we are expecting our second child and are thrilled to be expanding the love in our family."

The couple, who've been together for five years, have 2-year-old son Mason.

Kourtney appears on the cover of the current issue of Us Weekly, and the tagline for her exclusive story reads: "How she and Scott went from separate bedrooms to expecting baby No. 2 - and why she still won't marry him." 


  • wesleywt - 2011-11-30 14:19

    I want to meet the person who gives a damn. It will be quite an interesting specimen.

      Gershwin - 2011-11-30 14:56

      well clearly us 2 cause we opened the article lol just wanted to read the comments lmao

      wesleywt - 2011-11-30 16:49


  • Pepper - 2011-11-30 15:05

    Kourtney will make the babies and kim will do the marring and divorcing,

  • MissGremlin - 2011-11-30 15:13

    cant believe she lets this creep touch her.

      Gershwin - 2011-11-30 15:20

      It is called acting

  • bernadine.vanderlinde - 2011-12-01 12:55

    Can someone stop these idiots from breeding, please???

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