Kate: Hoping for baby boy

2013-03-17 16:28

London - The Duchess of Cambridge says she doesn't know the sex of her first child - but she hopes it's a boy.

Her husband Prince William, however, would prefer a girl.

The former Kate Middleton, who is five months pregnant, made the revelation to a soldier at a St  Patrick's Day ceremony on Sunday honouring the Irish Guards.

Guardsman Lee Wheeler said the duchess told him: "I'd like to have a boy and William would like a girl."

The duchess wore a green dress coat and a shamrock lapel pin as she presented sprigs of shamrock to soldiers in the annual ceremony at a barracks in Aldershot, southern England.

She suffered a minor mishap when one of her high heels became briefly stuck in a drainage grille.


  • Adri Mbali Noble - 2013-03-17 17:45

    So much for newsworthy.

  • Prada Ledger - 2013-03-17 18:12


  • TheCrow - 2013-03-17 18:15

    Ladies in general alwaz prefer the first to be a baby boy.in SA, in the black and indian culture, the ladies are generally very happy when the first is a boy.In my opinion, i also prefer the first to be the boy so that he can protect his sister.as for my female friends, they alwaz say tht they prefer to have a big brother.in fact, they big bro and dad are generally theirgods. The only man they will take crap from. Ask me, my sis accepts the worst fat jokes i tell her vicer verca.all the best to kate and will. I admire will for wanting a girl and not listening to what the royals want which is of course a boy.

  • Swapie - 2013-03-17 19:06

    Those damn drainage grills. There should be a law banning them!

  • Janet Butler - 2013-03-17 19:13

    A boy in July?

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