Katie's parents 'relieved' by divorce

2012-07-02 16:28
Los Angeles - Katie Holmes' parents are reportedly sad she has split from husband Tom Cruise but glad to have their daughter back.

Martin and Kathleen Holmes apparently didn't want their youngest child to marry the actor but are relieved they have parted ways after five years.

A source told website RadarOnline: "Obviously, Martin and Kathleen are sad that Katie is having to go through all this emotional turmoil and that she is going to be a single parent, but it's not like she is going to have to go it alone and she certainly won't have any financial hardship to worry about.

'Very strong reservations'

"Both Martin and Kathleen had very strong reservations about Katie marrying Tom, but she was an adult and they obviously couldn't stop her from following her heart. It's been tough for them over the past five years to watch Katie be controlled by Tom and they really felt that they had lost their daughter to some extent."

The grandparents' worry at the moment is the estranged couple's daughter.

The insider continued: "Their real concern right now though is Suri. She is still trying to understand exactly what is going on and she is obviously picking up on her mum's emotions at this time and playing up to a degree.

"Katie's mum and dad are providing as much love and support as they can to their daughter and their granddaughter and are trying to make it as easy a transition as possible."