Kim Kardashian: I married too fast

2012-01-10 22:29

Los Angeles - Kim Kardashian admits she got married "too fast".

The 31-year-old socialite - who filed for divorce from husband Kris Humphries in October, just 72 days after they tied the knot - admitted she felt a "weight lifted" off her shoulders when she first spent time apart from the basketball hunk during a trip to Dubai with mom, Kris Jenner.

Speaking in an episode of Kourtney and Kim Take New York, she said: "My heart is telling me I did this too fast,

"I feel like this huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders since I've been here in Dubai. Being away from my husband . I'm back to myself. I'm enjoying this feeling.

"There's something in my relationship that I just feel like isn't right. I'm just learning a lot of things about him that I never knew before. Married life just isn't what I thought it would be like with him."

Seeking solace

Meanwhile, the brunette beauty is now said to be seeking solace in ex-boyfriend Reggie Bush and while the pair have "no plans" to reignite their former romance, they have reportedly been speaking for "long periods" over the phone.

A source told "The two have been talking for long periods of time on their cellphones and exchanging text messages. Reggie feels bad for Kim and everything she is going through right now.

"Reggie has absolutely no plans on getting back together with Kim. He just doesn't think they are meant to be together."


  • brionyl.french - 2012-01-11 05:51

    Bwahahahahahaa we all could have told you that KIM!!!!

  • jpcronje - 2012-01-11 08:13

    Cry me a river Tramp K

  • renejupp - 2012-01-11 08:37

    And this is NEWS worthy? WHY.....?

  • Bill - 2012-01-11 10:34

    Is this not the second or third time that she has gotten married, when is she going to learn. The main point of the failure to put it mildly was the fact that the Royal wedding got more press coverage than she did. Bill560.

  • Ligola - 2012-01-11 11:59

    As much as I am a big fan of Keeping up with the Kardashian, i felt pitty 4 her. thought she learnt a lesson from her 1st marriage. but hey, she is js a pretty lady who is probably lonely & desperate & men takes adventage of her. when i watched some episodes where Kris features, i could tell he is not the man 4 her, he is an abuser. now i undrstand why Khloe doubted him from the biginning. Lov u girl

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