Kim Kardashian 'ready' for childbirth

2013-04-23 21:34
Alicia Rancilio
New York - Kim Kardashian says she's gotten more used to pregnancy, is more comfortable in her skin and is no longer feeling the aches and pains of expectant motherhood.

"Now I think I'm past all the awkward phases and stages, and once you feel the baby kick it's a whole new experience," Kardashian said on Monday while attending the E! Network Upfront in New York.

"I finally really embrace it. I love it now, but it took a minute. It was a lot, you know, a lot of body changes and stuff."

The reality TV star has received a lot of scrutiny over how she's chosen to dress her baby bump. For a while she avoided maternity clothes, wearing see-through tops and leather pants. The 32-year-old also opted to still wear designer clothing but in larger sizes that maybe weren't meant for an expectant woman.

'I'm really not worried'

Kardashian says she's not only feeling better but is pretty calm about giving birth and isn't nervous.

"At the beginning that was what I feared the most, and now, I mean, it's inevitable," she said. "It's gonna happen. I'm really not worried or nervous."

Kardashian and her baby's father, rapper Kanye West, know the gender of their child but are keeping it a secret. She said she's careful when she goes shopping to not give anything away.

"We buy all white," she said, laughing. "Or we'll go and buy both (girls' and boys' clothing), and then no one will know."

Besides Kardashian's belly, the cast of Keeping up with the Kardashians is getting bigger. The upcoming eighth season will include stepdad Bruce Jenner's sons, Brandon and Brody Jenner, along with Brandon's wife, Leah Jenner.

Brandon and Brody Jenner's mom is actress Linda Thompson, who was engaged to Elvis Presley.

Kardashian said it only makes sense to feature her step-brothers on the show.

"Our parents got married when I was 10 years old so people don't see that side of our lives," she said, "but they've been in our lives for so long so it's fun to share that with everyone."


  • Joe Carl - 2013-04-24 07:50

    I see a steady stream of Kim articles. Are there no other worthless individuals out there to fixate on?

  • Athena - 2013-04-24 13:12

    Comfortable in her skin? Her skin is getting very tight, does not look comfortable at all.I saw a photo of her the other day,she is unrecognisable!

      Kagiso Deon - 2013-04-25 19:39

      o realy is kim going to gave birth dats wnderful nd athena dnt b naive coz kim feelz so comfrtable on her skin nd she so btful nd im sprsed dat she is prgnant bt im hppy for them hey

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