Kim Kardashian to reveal baby's sex on TV

2013-05-30 16:26
Los Angeles - The sex of Kim Kardashian's baby will be revealed on Sunday.

The mystery of whether the reality star is having a boy or a girl with her boyfriend Kanye West will finally be unveiled on the first episode of season 8 of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Speaking on the Today show, Kim's sister Khloe teased: "This Sunday we are going to reveal it on the show. You'll find out the sex of [Kim's] baby on the show."

Khloe was quizzed further by hosts Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie, who suggested the baby shower invite looks perfect for a baby girl.

The custom-made invitation - which was sent out to the likes of Beyoncé and Fergie - is a white music box which plays a "lullaby" version of Kanye's track Hey Mama as a plastic ballerina dances.

However, all Khloe would say was, "Kanye wrote the lullaby", adding, "Kim loves ballerinas (...) Kim likes what she likes."

'I don't have any regrets'

She insisted the theme for the 2 June bash is "all white".

Khloe also hinted what fans could expect from the new season of the family's E! reality show, including much more of the youngest members of the clan, her half-sisters Kylie and Kendall Jenner and footage from a group trip to Greece.

Discussing the hit show's longevity, Khloe said: "It's such a blessing. It's shocking that there's still so much to be said".

The 28-year-old star sometimes finds it difficult to cope with the public knowing the ins-and-outs of her personal life, including her struggle to conceive with her husband Lamar Odom.

She mused: "I don't have any regrets. There's obviously pros and cons ... but I'm very blessed and I love that I get to do what I do with my family."


  • Johnny Gevaarlik - 2013-05-30 16:38

    The Kardashians are disgusting! And it is also disgusting that the media pay so much attention to them. Pathetic!

  • Neil Alan White - 2013-05-30 16:40

    the kardashians are much like a car wreck. you cant help but stare. hence the reason they get so much publicity. the same with that clifton shores show i couldnt help myself as i was amazed at there fakeness and lack of any intelligence

  • Shirley Stee - 2013-05-30 16:58

    Who cares!!!! Its either a boy,girl or hermaprodite! Just like millions of other people have every day!!!Hopefully she will spend a little time actually taking care of "it",not hiring 5 nannies and we wont have to see so much of Beavis and Butthead on tv and mags! Her baby will probably grow up thinking Kim is just a visitor who pops in now and then!

  • Cassie Black - 2013-05-30 18:29

    who cares...

  • Luanda Gqirana - 2013-05-31 10:36

    I wish they can show the business side of their lives, I mean when they go on businesses meetings decision making etc.

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