Kirsten Dunst blocks French stalker

2012-01-10 16:17
Los Angeles - Kirsten Dunst has obtained a three-year restraining order against her stalker.

Jean Christophe Prudhon - a 51-year-old French fan, who is believed to have flown to the US on multiple occasions just to sit outside the home of the Marie Antoinette actress - was issued a temporary order in December.

However, on Monday a Los Angeles judge ruled Prudhon must stay at least 91m away from the 29-year-old actress for the next three years, reports.

According to legal documents, Kirsten's mother is also protected under the order after he recently contacted her in an attempt to get to the actress.

'Frightening and harassing'

Kirsten has previously claimed Prudhon has sent her dozens of letters - which she has described as "frightening and harassing" - tried to call her hundreds of times and even sat outside her home on 10 separate occasions, despite his primary residence being in France.

In one of his letters he claimed he had sold his home in France so that he could follow the actress on a permanent basis.

He wrote: "This is not the right/accepted way to do but honesty and directness, I have no other way."

During the hearing, Kirsten's lawyer Blair Berk praised French legal expert Vincent Toledano for serving Prudhon with the original order.