Kris Humphries: Money isn't important

2012-03-23 13:20
Los Angeles - Kris Humphries has hit out at people who "do things just for money".

The basketball player's reality TV star wife Kim Kardashian filed for divorce last year just 72 days after their lavish nuptials and although detractors have claimed they married for money, in what could be perceived as slight at Kim, Kris insists he is a "genuine" person.

Have fun

He told Life & Style magazine: "I am a genuine person who says it like it is. I only like to be involved with things I truly believe in. It's the kind of person I am. A lot of people do things just for money, but that's not for me.

"I'm used to [negativity]. I'm comfortable being in my own skin and being out there.''

Meanwhile, Kris, 27, says he is moving on from his failed marriage by attempting to inject some fun into his life.

He added: "I'm really just going with the flow right now, trying to have fun in life. I just want people to see the lighter side to me. Life is too serious sometimes - people take things too seriously. I think everyone should be able to make fun of themselves and just have fun.''