Kurt Cobain's daughter hits out at Lana Del Rey

2014-06-24 10:54
Los Angeles - The late Kurt Cobain's daughter has hit out at Lana Del Rey for "romanticising" dying young.

Frances Bean Cobain - whose father killed himself at the age of 27 in 1994 - has encouraged the Young and Beautiful hitmaker to "embrace" life after she admitted in a recent interview that she wishes she was dead and thinks it's glamorous to die young.

Taking to Twitter on Monday, Frances - who was less than two years old when the Nirvana singer died - tweeted: "@LanaDelRey the death of young musicians isn't something to romanticize (cont)

"@LanaDelRey I'll never know my father because he died young & it becomes a desirable feat because ppl like u think it's "cool" (cont)

"@LanaDelRey Well, it's fucking not. Embrace life, because u only get one life. The ppl u mentioned wasted that life.Don't be 1 of those ppl

"@LanaDelRey ur too talented to waste it away. (sic)."

Lana, 28 - who claimed Kurt and the late Amy Winehouse were her heroes - is yet to respond to the comments, but after her fans jumped to her defence, Frances felt the need to explain herself.

She later tweeted: "I'm not attacking anyone. I have no animosity towards Lana, I was just trying to put things in perspective from personal experience (sic)."


  • Julian Edward Frost - 2014-06-24 12:02

    I'm with Frances on this one. Lana Del Ray should never have said that.

  • Ayanda Mabunda - 2014-06-24 15:43

    I don't know who these people are. But this Frances has a point. and maybe the other one is just crying out for help? Who knows...

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