LOL! Katy Perry made the funniest joke about Khloe Kardashian’s pimped ride!

2015-10-03 10:00

Cape Town – Everyone likes to make jokes about the Kardashians, but Katy Perry just out did herself with this one!

To bring you up to speed, Khloe Kardashian pimped her ride - because a black Range Rover SUV isn’t cool enough… obvs.

Anyway she had the car completely covered in velvet… Literally! The car is laced in black velvet!

Of course this is out of the ordinary, and as many of you should know, velvet can be high maintenance.

It’s okay though because Katy Perry gave Khloe the best care advice, cue the LOL…

That is all...

(GIFS: Tumblr)

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