Lady Gaga gives boyfriend a stray cat

2012-04-10 20:21
Los Angeles - Lady Gaga's boyfriend has bought a puppy for her 26th birthday.

Taylor Kinney splashed out on the four-legged friend for the 'singer's birthday on March 28, and she returned the favour by buying him a cat.

Gaga doesn't want Taylor to be alone when she embarks on her 110-date The Born This Way Ball Tour - which begins in Seoul, South Korea, on 27 April - so she has purchased the 29-year-old actor a moggy to keep him company when she is away.

Close to tying the knot

A source explained to The Sun newspaper: "Taylor loves cats and Gaga wanted to give this stray cat a home.

"She has already named it Polly. She has given the pet to Taylor so he can love it for ever and really cherish it."

Taylor and Gaga - who have going on double dinner dates with actor friend Emmy Rossum and her boyfriend Tyler Jacob Moore - also look set to be edging closer to tying the knot after he was recently spotted shopping for a "promise ring", which is one step away from an engagement ring.

A source said: "The promise ring is the biggest sign yet that they are thinking of getting married.

"It signifies that they are in a completely monogamous relationship.

"They are both absolutely smitten with one another. He thinks it's brilliant the way she hangs out with him and his pals, playing darts, at the bar, at the shooting range.

"She could soon be calling herself Mrs Gaga."