Lady Gaga rolling in gold wheelchair

2013-03-13 22:25
Los Angeles - Lady Gaga is using a 24-carat gold plated "chariot" as she recovers from hip surgery.

The Judas singer has been left reliant on a wheelchair after having an operation to repair a labral tear on her right hip last month, and she is recuperating with the help of the extravagant movement aid, which she commissioned from luxury brand Mordekai.

Ken Borochov - who is the creative genius behind Mordekai - designed the chair and although he has worked with Gaga before he was shocked to receive such an unusual request.

Black leather seat

In an official statement, Ken said: "I certainly wasn't expecting that phone call and have never done a wheelchair but am always up for a challenge and was thrilled to create what I affectionately dubbed the 'Chariot', a chair fit only for a queen."

The luxurious wheelchair is completely gold plated, including the rims, and also features a black leather seat - which is inspired by vintage motorcycle jackets - and a removable leather canopy.

The chair can also recline should the 26-year-old pop superstar want to relax.

As well as commissioning the custom made piece of equipment, the eccentric star - who was forced to cancel the remainder of her Born This Way Ball tour after sustaining the hip injury - has also installed a massive fish tank in her home and imported 27 exotic koi carp fish from Japan to entertain her as she recovers.

A source said: "Gaga said she'd had a dream about the fish so she had her team source some koi and set up a massive tank. The whole exercise cost over £40 000, which is a lot to most people but small change to her."


  • Gigi van Niekerk - 2013-03-14 16:27

    Are u kidding ??? The golden wheelchair ??? Once u done with it send it to me, will trade it in for a whole lot of chairs for people who REALLY need them. Simply .... ridiculous !!!!

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