LeAnn Rimes to be counter-sued

2012-09-03 18:26
Los Angeles - A woman being sued by LeAnn Rimes plans to take her own legal action against the singer.

The 30-year-old star - who checked into a rehab facility to receive treatment for stress and anxiety earlier this week - is suing teacher Kimberly Smiley for invasion of privacy and accused her of bullying her on Twitter.

The Californian mother-of-four however insists she hasn't done anything wrong and needs to "stand up" to the How Do I Live? hitmaker.

Kimberly said: "I plan to take my own action against her. This could impact my family and business.

"Somebody needs to stand up or LeAnn will continue doing this for the rest of her life."

'My daughter was in tears'

"I have a right to my opinion. I have never bullied her. She blocked me on Twitter and then I took my account private, so how can I bully her if I'm blocked and have a private account? It makes no sense.

"People who don't like her have a right to their opinion. She's a public figure. But I have never bullied her.

"One of her people said I was sending derogatory tweets to her for years. That's false."

Kimberly's daughter Lexi, 19, was also named in the lawsuit and is devastated by the action.

Kimberly added to RadarOnline.com: "My daughter was in tears over the lawsuit. This could affect her future employment."

'Insulted, taunted and provoked'

LeAnn is suing Kimberly and Lexi because she claims a call she made to discuss the alleged comments on Twitter was recorded and made public.

According to Kimberly, the singer called her "rude" and "berated" her on the phone.

She said: "She called me. She was trying to berate me into liking her. When she didn't get her way she got frustrated.

"She called me 'incredibly fucking rude.' She was really mad. I guess she is used to people bowing down to her but I'm not that kind of person. She's not used to people standing their ground.

"It seemed odd that she was calling me."

According to Kimberly, LeAnn opened the call by saying "Hey bitch, it's LeAnn. You have five fucking minutes to say whatever you want to me."

LeAnn's lawsuit claims Kimberly repeatedly "insulted, taunted and provoked Ms Rimes" during the phone call earlier this year, but the accused insists it is a "complete lie".


  • holly.ison.77 - 2012-09-05 05:17

    May the Lord continue to look after LeAnn and give her the strength to over come the words out of those who do nothing but tear down her EVERY move. (bowing my head). God bless her always!!! Holly in East Tennessee (a day one fan of her) P.S. I can't wait to hear her new songs! (big smile)

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