Lily Allen takes stance on abortion

2012-10-09 18:35
London - Lily Allen has backed women's right to have abortions.

The singer - who is expecting her second child with her husband Sam Cooper - has given her opinion on the current British government debate to reduce the legal limit on abortions from 24 weeks into a pregnancy and she is adamant it is every woman's right to choose to have a termination because motherhood has massive implications for individuals.

Lily posted a series of tweets which read: "Ok, Babies are lovely but quite hard work. / Its really hard to work and have a baby at the same time, because a baby cant stay at home on its own all day while you go to work.

"Sometimes there are lovely Dads who take their responsibilities very seriously and work very hard to look after their babies / these men should be applauded.

"BUT, sometimes, quite often, when the baby's cry a lot the man gets frustrated and leaves the baby and the lady that had the baby.

"he sticks his fingers in his ears and pretends that the baby isn't really there, he stops answering his phone when the lady calls.

"The lady gets very sad and feels very alone and angry and even though she loves her baby more than anything ... She wonders what her life might have been like if she had never had the baby in the first place. (sic)"

Music career on hold

The outspoken star has previously taken to her Twitter page to reveal the tribulations of raising her 11-month-old daughter Ethel and she has put her music career on hold to be a mother.

Lily's comments hit a nerve with anti-abortion campaigners so she was forced to sum up her thoughts quickly.

She concluded: "So to all the Pro Lifers spamming me with shit. This is one of the many reasons i believe a woman should have a right to choose. the end. (sic)"


  • preshen.govender.90 - 2012-10-09 19:52

    Julius was not born premature her survived abortion

      pieter.pan.184 - 2012-10-10 08:59

      Geez, does everything have to turn political here. It might be funny, but this really isn't the place. There are plenty of Malema articles out there. I'm sure there are people here who would much rather share their views for or against abortion.

      athena.becks.1 - 2012-10-11 17:32

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  • nom.deplume.969 - 2012-10-10 09:11 selfish have we become? All Im reading here is "Oh, this baby is going to take away my fun and my life"...I wonder, Ms. Allen, if your mom, or in fact, the mother of anyone else who agrees with this rubbish had thought that about you, if we would have to endure such depraved and inconsiderate comments and the murders of innocent lives, like this. Shame on you!

  • vernon.samuel.7 - 2012-10-10 09:29

    If I understand correctly, she is saying that sometimes babies cry and men get frustrated so they leave, and that is the reason for women to have abortions! So abortion application forms can be drawn up as follows. 'Why do you want to have an abortion? 1) financial constraints; 2) no parenting skills; 3) the baby may cry'

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