Lindsay Lohan moves rehab clinics

2013-06-14 09:56
Los Angeles - Lindsay Lohan left the Betty Ford rehab centre on Wednesday and has now checked into a different rehab facility.

The troubled actress' move to Cliffside Malibu has been approved by prosecutors, a judge and Lindsay's lawyers.

According to gossip website all parties agreed the second facility was better suited to Lindsay's needs for the rest of her 90-day court ordered sentence, as Betty Ford, near Palm Springs, was more appropriate for a 30-day programme, which she has now completed.

'High level of treatment'

Although she is still in California, her father, Michael, has said he wanted her to be transferred to a clinic in Florida where he believes she will get a better level of care.

He previously said: "I want to take care of some things with the court and get her transferred. She's at Betty Ford, I think it's only going to be temporary with regard to recovery, but if she goes to the Lukens Institute in Florida, where I want her to go, it's going to be permanent and I'll stake everything on it. I know she'll get better if she goes there.

"She'll repeat the same programme three times in a row. It's a 12-step programme, and at least at Lukens it's extended care and it's one-on-one. It's a very, very high level of treatment."


  • Hendrik JJ Kruger - 2013-06-16 00:37

    Just let her OD and be done? Who cares? She clearly doesnt.

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