Lindsay Lohan wows probation officer

2011-12-14 15:35

Los Angeles - Lindsay Lohan will be given a glowing probation report.

The Mean Girls actress - who has been working at the Los Angeles County Morgue as part of her sentence for breaking her probation in relation to a 2007 DUI (driving under the influence) case - is due for a progress hearing on Wednesday and her probation officer is happy with her work.

A source said: "Judge Sautner gave Lindsay a new probation officer at her last court appearance. Her new probation officer is absolutely no nonsense, and she has seen it all. Lindsay has been a model probationer so far.

"Lindsay has made scheduled meetings with her probation officer, has completed her court ordered community service requirement of 12 days by the progress report hearing, and attended all her psychological counselling sessions. Lindsay has actually completed more than the basic requirement of 12 days, and she is ahead of schedule to finish her duties at the morgue by March 29 2012."

More productive

Since being assigned a new officer, Lindsay has reportedly turned over a new leaf and is determined to impress.

The source added to "Lindsay calls her probation officer back immediately whenever she calls her, if she doesn't answer the phone. Lindsay has really stepped up and accepted responsibility for her actions. Lindsay is well liked at the coroner's office, and she does whatever she is assigned to do, without complaining. For the first time in a very long time in Lindsay's life, she is treated just like everyone else, which is exactly what she needs. She isn't given any special perks nor has she asked for any.

"It's actually much more productive for Lindsay to be doing manual labour at the morgue, where they have suffered from budget cutbacks. If she were in jail, she would be in a cell for 23 of 24 hours a day, except for visits with her lawyer, or family. Lindsay couldn't do janitorial work at jail because of the notoriety surrounding her, and it wouldn't be safe for her or the other inmates.

"[The probation report will] recommend that Lindsay be allowed to remain on probation, because she is in compliance."


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