Lindsay Lohan's dad worries she'll die

2013-03-27 20:52
Los Angeles - Lindsay Lohan's father is terrified she will be dead within a year.

Michael Lohan - who has repeatedly insisted his 26-year-old daughter needs help for drink and drug abuse problems - admits he is constantly expecting to hear the worst about the actress and is convinced she will "overdose" if she doesn't get clean.

Speaking of British singer Amy Winehouse, who died aged 27 in July 2011, he said: "I hate to refer to Amy Winehouse, but she was so talented and wouldn't listen either, then she passed away.

"I don't want that to happen to my daughter. Lindsay turns 27 in July. How many other kids have died at that age of overdoses? It's a fear that sticks in my head. I'm always sitting by my phone."

'I feel I'm to blame'

Michael blames himself for Lindsay's problems as he thinks her difficulties began after he divorced her mother Dina in 2007, the same year she was arrested twice and went to rehab three times.

He said: "It went wrong for Lindsay when I got divorced from Dina, so of course I feel I'm to blame.

"I look at pictures of when she was 18, just before my divorce and when she filmed Mean Girls, then I look at photos from each year after that and they tell a sad story."

And the showbiz patriarch says he was "heartbroken" seeing how fragile Lindsay looked when she appeared in court last week.

He added to more! magazine: "Seeing her like that was horrible. I was heartbroken. When I held her in the hotel room, right after court, it's not the same Lindsay I used to hold. She's just not all there."


  • Boitumelo Moruledi - 2013-03-28 08:30

    I think Lindsy's dad shud take his daughter on a serious trip that might help her see things differently. I say, bring her to Africa wer she won't hv access 2 technology n live in the rural areas wer she cn learn to cook out side, fetch the water dwn by the river, etc. Jst a new experience of things might help her see things differently n maybe appreciate life more. Maybe this anger inside of her may turn into something else... *jst a thought*

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