Local magazine denies article was a 'personal attack’ on former Miss SA

2014-04-30 12:48
Cape Town – The local tabloid magazine, heat, on Wednesday denied that their "Worst Miss SA" article on former Miss South Africa Marilyn Ramos was a "personal attack".

This comes after the former beauty queen released a statement on Tuesday saying that the magazine’s comments were "derogatory" and a "personal attack".

A few weeks ago heat published an article in which they claimed that Marilyn didn’t take calls, had zero public impact and missed major PR opportunities.

"In a heat story published on 17 April we did an opinion piece about Marilyn Ramos' reign as Miss South Africa," André Neveling, editor of heat magazine, told Channel24.

"We decided to run the story after sources close to the pageant spoke to heat and revealed some of the behind the scenes complaints during Marilyn's reign. There were also various tweets from the public on the night of the Miss SA finale, questioning who she is and why they didn't know about her.

"As a result, heat investigated further and questioned her public impact. It was in no way a personal attack on Marilyn, and we truly hope she can do even bigger and better things in the future," Neveling said.

According to Ramos her absence from the public eye was because she didn’t have a PR available during her reign. She also claimed that she did not have a clothing sponsor even though she was always expected to look her best at glitzy events.

Juice, a mobile website associated with heat, published an article on Wednesday claiming that Sun International was "fuming" at the former Miss SA.

In the article it is claimed that Sun International is furious with Marilyn over her comments and that they will be releasing an official response in the next few days.


  • Leonard Joubert - 2014-04-30 14:56

    She was such an non event, Boring ! Boring ! and in the end who cares.

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