Michael Douglas supports son in court

2012-12-20 20:26
New York - Michael Douglas turned up in court to support his son.

The 68-year-old actor - who is married to Catherine Zeta-Jones - attended his son Cameron's court hearing on Wednesday as he appealed against the 54 extra months of prison time that were added to his current five-year sentence for narcotics distribution.

The Fatal Attraction star told reporters outside the Manhattan courtroom the case was "on appeal" and he was "clearly" hoping for the best, according to the New York Daily News newspaper.

Attacked in prison

Defence attorney Paul Shechtman told the Second Circuit Court of Appeals, "I'm not suggesting Cameron Douglas shouldn't be punished for this", adding that the sentence was "shockingly long" and "maybe the harshest sentence ever imposed on a federal prisoner for a drug possession offence".

Cameron's attempt to shorten his sentence comes days after being attacked in prison, where he suffered a broken leg and finger.

A bounty of $100 was reportedly put on the 34-year-old actor by a New York mobster as payback for telling police who his drug suppliers were.

The troubled star was only supposed to serve five years instead of 10 after doing a deal with prosecutors, but earned an extra four-and-a-half years for smuggling heroin and a prescription narcotic during his stay at the Metropolitan Correctional Centre.

Cameron - whose mother is Michael's ex-wife Diandra Morrell Douglas - is currently not eligible for release until 2018.


  • pagel.trivia - 2012-12-20 22:31

    2 comments: I struggle to picture Catherine Zeta Jones with an ageing Douglas. I mean - she is hot ..... Douglas should have supported his son while he was growing up - this might have turned out better.

  • charity.maniana - 2012-12-21 07:51

    'Age aint nothing but a number' so they say

  • rudzanimulaudzi.mulaudzi - 2012-12-21 17:46

    Why children who grow up in wealthy family they dont want to work but doing drugs dealings?

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