Michael Lohan: I'm lucky to be alive

2012-01-05 20:00

Los Angeles - Michael Lohan believes he is lucky to be alive.

The father of troubled actress Lindsay Lohan - who was rushed to hospital last month after he collapsed during an Alcoholic's Anonymous meeting - revealed he has managed to cheat death five times and claimed God must have big plans for him to keep him alive.

Michael - who has recently been admitted to A New Day treatment facility in Florida - told RadarOnline.com: "I don't know what God has in store for me, but it must be BIG. I should have been dead five times already.

Light headed

"It's by far the best treatment facility I have ever worked with or have been to. A little while longer and the blood clot would have taken me out.

"The whole thing has made me look at life differently and brought me and my entire family closer, including Lindsay."

After Michael was taken to hospital last month, a source said: "Michael started to feel light headed during his meeting so he walked outside, and that's when he collapsed.

"He was taken in an ambulance to Palm Beach Gardens Hospital where doctors found another blood clot in his lung."

He also had to be rushed back to hospital just hours after his heart surgery in early December when he was found to have a bacterial infection.