Michael Lohan arrested again

2011-10-27 15:00

Los Angeles - Michael Lohan has been arrested less than 12 hours after being released from jail.

The 51-year-old TV personality - who is the father of actress Lindsay Lohan - is back in custody after he allegedly contacted his girlfriend Kate Major, who has a temporary restraining order against him after he purportedly assaulted her in the early hours on Tuesday.

According to gossip website TMZ, Michael is believed to have got in contact with Kate by phone and she notified police on Thursday..

After interviewing her at the same apartment Michael is alleged to have assaulted her earlier this week, police arrived at the showbiz patriarch's hotel - but he tried to avoid the officials by jumping from a third-storey balcony, and fell into a tree.

When the officers eventually got him down he was arrested for violating a condition of his pre-trial release, which is thought to be because he contacted Kate, and resisting arrest without violence.

Oral sex

The incident comes after he was let go from the Hillsborough County prison in Tampa, Florida, on Wednesday after he appeared in court earlier in the day on charges of domestic battery.

But Michael denies the charges and insists he is innocent.

He said: "I did not lay a hand on her."

Kate was granted a temporary restraining order against him on Wednesday which is due to expire on November 15, after the judge denied her request for a permanent restraining order.

A police report obtained by TMZ.com alleges the TV personality - who was arrested in March for allegedly assaulting Kate - flew into a rage after she refused to perform oral sex on him.

The report stated: "The defendant again pushed her multiple times and squeezed her arms. She suffered minor bruising and complained of shoulder pains."

He is also thought to have smashed his girlfriend's cell phone and threatened to throw her from a fourth-floor balcony.