Miley Cyrus' tragic dog attack

2012-12-18 20:39
Los Angeles - Miley Cyrus' dog Lila was killed by one of her other pets.

The singer expressed her heartbreak after losing her beloved pup last week - even dedicating her performance at the VH1 Divas concert to Lila on Sunday night - and now her mother, Tish Cyrus, has revealed the Yorkie was fatally attacked by Miley's English bulldog, Ziggy.

Tish wrote on her official blog: "As for Miley, it's been a really tough week. As you all know her beloved baby girl Lila passed away. Everyone has been so precious and so supportive of her and I love you all so much for that. Miley loved Lila more than anyone can imagine. I know some people were saying it's JUST a dog, but to Miley she was so much more.

'My heart has never been so broken'

"The way that Lila was taken from her was beyond terrible. Sometimes things happen that we just can't understand. Miley still isn't ready to talk about it, but I thought you guys should know what happened. For some unknown reason, Ziggy grabbed Lila. Not really sure if she was playing or what? She grabbed her in just the wrong spot and Lila didn't survive."

Tish continued the 20-year-old singer-and-actress wasn't ready to talk about her painful loss, and that she was further devastated after deciding to give up Ziggy.

"We took Ziggy to SPOT dog rescue and they found her a new home with no other pets or children just in case it wasn't a fluke. So not only did Miley lose Lila, she feels she lost Ziggy as well."

Miley announced her loss last week on Twitter, writing: "For everyone asking ... I have never been so hurt in my life. My heart has never been so broken..... Lila my sweet baby girl has passed away. (sic)

"Broken. Gonna go MIA (Missing In Action) for a bit. Need some healing time. Thank you to everyone who has sent love my way. I need it. (sic)"


  • mondia.doty - 2012-12-19 06:13

    This is just terrible. Shame on you haters for making fun of Miley and making light of the death of a beloved pet.

  • Dale Van Reenen - 2012-12-19 09:55

    Sometimes I think haters are just jealous of the celebrities. But you have to remember, Mileys not a child anymore... She's 20 years old! And if she is heartbroken by this at that age, it is obviously not childish drama and is really painful.

  • brian.connell.18 - 2012-12-19 12:57

    Why on earth does something like this qualify as news or even mildly interesting?

      squeegee.pilot - 2012-12-19 19:38

      Mind numbingly dull.

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