Natalie Portman feels like 'an adult'

2011-01-10 21:19
Los Angeles - Natalie Portman finally feels like an adult.

The 29-year-old former child star announced her pregnancy and engagement to ballet choreographer Benjamin Millepied last month and said she has only just started to feel her age.

She said: "Obviously my own life is so different now. I'm definitely becoming an adult now really, finally!"

Natalie has been nominated for a Best Actress Golden Globe award for her role in Black Swan and admitted she feels very "lucky" with her career success, which has allowed her to move from dramatic to comedic roles - including the upcoming Friends With Benefits with Ashton Kutcher - with ease.

She told US TV show Access Hollywood: "I feel very lucky. It's been a really, really lucky, lucky time.

Short people jokes

"And work-wise it's been really exciting. I feel like I'm getting to try all sorts of different things. Now I'm getting to do a comedy after doing so much serious work and that's been really fun.

"Ashton is so good at comedy, so easygoing and so easy to be around and really fun and really professional. So, it was definitely helpful to have him as the person I had the most scenes with in this movie."

Despite her praise for co-star Ashton, Natalie did have one complaint about the actor - his height.

She explained: "He's a lot taller than me. We definitely got a lot of enjoyment out of the movie - well, he probably got more because he gets to be the tall one. I get to be the gnome! But there were a lot of short people jokes."

While the pregnant star is craving "anything with vinegar", Natalie is not worried about fitting in to designer gowns during the awards season.

She said: "As long as it's loose, I'm all happy."