Nicki Minaj: I love and respect Mariah

2012-10-03 21:54
Los Angeles - In an interview conducted before their explosive row, Nicki Minaj said she has "love and respect" for Mariah Carey.

The Starships hitmaker said she was "shocked" at rumours the Fantasy singer was unhappy with her appointment to the American Idol panel during an interview on the Kyle & Jackie O Show.

"Up until the rumours, I didn't think there would be a problem because she and I had worked together, I had so much genuine love for her and respect for her, I was shocked hearing the rumours as well."

However, the pink-haired star insists that any disagreements on the judging panel would not become major personal problems and tensions would end once filming stopped.

'It is good TV'

Speaking on the Kyle & Jackie O Show on 2Day FM she added: "It is what it is, it's a competition, we're there to help someone else become a superstar, I think if we disagree on the judging panel, then we disagree on the judging panel, it's not something that's going to bleed into our regular lives, we don't take it home with us. It is good TV, I definitely think people are going to be very, very interested in this season."

Show bosses cancelled filming in Charlotte, North Carolina for the day after a huge blow up between the pair, where Nicki fumed she was sick of her co-star's "fucking highness" and their fellow panelists Keith Urban and Randy Jackson were caught in the middle.

A source told TMZ: "[Nicki said to Mariah] 'I'm gonna knock you out'.

"Nicki added 'I told them, I'm not fucking putting up with her fucking highness over there."

Watch Nicki Minaj's freak out at Mariah Carey here:


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