Nigella Lawson banned from flight to US because of drug confession

2014-04-03 11:16
Los Angeles - Nigella Lawson was banned from boarding a flight to the US because of her previous confession to taking drugs.

The glamorous chef - who admitted during the fraud trial of her former employees last year that she had taken cocaine and smoked marijuana - was travelling alone on Sunday and had cleared check in and security at London's Heathrow airport but was then told she couldn't get on the plane to Los Angeles.

A source told the Daily Mail newspaper: "She didn't seem to say much, but she did not look happy. She could not get on the flight so she had to turn around and leave."

The 54-year-old star was forced to return to the first class check-in to collect her luggage.

It is thought US authorities had warned British Airways staff not to allow her to travel to California, as she would have been refused entry.

The country ask travellers if they have ever been arrested or convicted on drugs charges, and can prevent entry even if no charges were brought.

Though the US Department of Homeland Security said it did not comment on individual cases, a spokesperson said those who had admitted committing drugs offences could be deemed "inadmissible" and would have to go through a lengthy process to be allowed back into the country.

He said: "In general, an alien found inadmissible will need a waiver of inadmissibility. Depending on the basis of their refusal they may be eligible to apply in advance of travel for a temporary waiver of inadmissibility. The waiver application process can be lengthy.'

Nigella is expected to seek legal advice to help her get back into the US, which she visits regularly for both holidays and her work on The Taste.

A spokesperson for the star said only: "We would never comment on Nigella's travel plans."


  • Nicol Moray - 2014-04-03 11:39

    So every American celeb who has admitted to taking drugs faces the same fate?

      Leon Naude - 2014-04-03 11:52

      I really hope that it would become the case for each stoned-head junky and celeb in the intertainment and music industry. Probably the reason why most of them own their own planes and have their own pilots flying them around the world. Maybe it will become a usefull deterant for those who look at drug use as minor misdemeanor....

  • Norbert Skosana - 2014-04-03 12:00

    Why is Justine Bibers allowed there? He must be refused by this people too.

      Leigh-Rose Jenkins - 2014-04-03 13:22

      Lindsay Lohan?????? Honestly, America gets more and more pathetic as time goes on.

  • Robert Coughlan - 2014-04-03 12:02

    I wonder if her ex husband, who was photographed throttling her, is also on a no fly list. Probably not.

      Sht Stirrer - 2014-04-03 12:37

      The visa application form does not ask "Have you ever throttled anyone?" :-)

      Robert Coughlan - 2014-04-03 16:33

      Fair point, Sht Stirrer, but who is the greater threat to a flight and to the 'peaceful' people of California: - An admitted recreational drug user (NOT a dealer), who expressed no reluctance to undergo pre-flight screening for illegal contraband? - Or a person who is unequivocally known to have committed an act of violence because they are apparently unable to 'use their words'? But yeah, since when has the USA had their priorities straight?

  • Sam Swanpoel - 2014-04-03 12:07

    How stupid do they get? To claim to have taken forbidden drugs. I personally have been a big fan of hers but my respect is now gone.

      Robert Coughlan - 2014-04-03 12:33

      Would you rather she lied about it? We hold these public figures, who are still just humans like us, to some unattainable standard. Then we also expect them to be truthful about their lives, because afterall they are the trendsetters, the ideals we should aspire to, right? Then we get p1$$y when they actually tell the truth. Go figure!

      Leigh-Rose Jenkins - 2014-04-03 13:28

      Oh my goodness, a person in the entertainment industry used drugs... Sam please understand one thing (and I spent 8 years in the film industry), there isn't a single celebrity out there who hasn't ONCE used an illegal stimulant of some kind to get them through an incredibly busy schedule.

      Stephen Michael - 2014-04-03 15:39

      I love it when people use the word "forbidden" to describe someones personal choices that have affected nobody else.

  • Adrianh - 2014-04-20 09:30

    Stupid Americans being their stupid selves again.

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