Nigella Lawson devastated after losing 'custody' of stuffed dog

2013-12-24 09:00

London - Nigella Lawson was reportedly left devastated after her ex-husband Charles Saatchi won "custody" of their £10 000 stuffed dog.

The TV chef was distraught after her pretend pooch named Narles - a combination of the couple's first names - was claimed by her former spouse following their split in June. 

The artificial mutt, which was bought at auction by Charles, took pride of place in the kitchen of the couple's £15m home. 

Francesca Grillo, 35, who was cleared alongside her sister Elisabetta of defrauding Nigella and Charles of £685 000 last week, told The Sun newspaper: "The stuffed dog was one of the only things they bought that was loved by them both.

"I think Narles has stayed with Charles."

The siblings also claim the 70-year-old businessman banned all members of staff from touching the dog in case they damaged its glossy fur.

Elisabetta, 41, said: "We ignored Charles and put hats on Narles.

"We once balanced the pet turtle of Mimi (Nigella's daughter Cosima) on the dog's head.

"It was a weird thing to have in the house."

Meanwhile, Nigella could be charged with drug offences after Elisabetta claimed she snorted cocaine every three days using rolled up £20 notes and American bank notes. 

Scotland Yard originally said officers would not look into the claims at this stage, but would review the decision if new evidence was to arise. 

However, in a statement released Sunday night, the force revealed a specialist team of Metropolitan Police would examine the emerging evidence. 

Nigella admitted to using the Class A drug in 2010 when she found out her late husband John Diamond had terminal cancer.


  • Johnny Comments - 2013-12-24 09:47

    Narles... Really? a 100K stuffed dog? Must have been on drugs!

  • Del Pearson - 2013-12-24 12:08

    She must be on drugs to be distraught over a stuffed dog.

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