One Direction fan so desperate for tickets recklessly gives out her personal information online with shocking results!

2014-05-20 11:25
Cape Town – On Tuesday morning the host of the Breakfast Xpress, Darren Simpson, took a stance to highlight the easy lure of predators lurking on social media platforms.

Off the back of the One Direction concert being announced on air on Monday, 94.7 Highveld Stereo urged all fans to download the station’s app, and to enter the competition to stand a chance of winning tickets to the said concert.

To this end, a desperate 14-year-old tweeted her cellphone number to the station.

This number was picked up by a listener who called the teenager and pretended to be working for 94.7 Highveld Stereo, as a prank. With ease, he was given her full address and details.

This listener then contacted the station as a bid of good citizenry, to supply the clip of the conversation in the effort of highlighting the dangers of social media if not used responsibly. Simpson chose to play the conversation this morning.

He advised all listeners to take precautions as such scenarios are real threats and a stark reality.

Listen to the interview here:


  • Lee Massey - 2014-05-21 13:43

    I heard this and am actually upset about the whole thing. firstly this kids behaviour still got her tickets which is not fair to the kids that tweeted for hours without doing anything wrong and secondly WHAT IF her family set the whole thing up to get attention, has anyone thought of that??? Perhaps their little plan worked #just saying

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