Oprah to visit SA campus

2011-06-02 13:20
Cape Town - Oprah Winfrey could be on her way to South Africa.

The queen of talk, who recently wrapped up her work on The Oprah Winfrey Show after 25 years on air, is rumoured to be coming to South Africa in June.

Jonathan Jansen, rector of the University of the Free State, made the following statement on Twitter on Thursday:

"You heard it here first... On 24 June Oprah Winfrey lands on the campus of the University of the Free State."

No other sources have confirmed this news as yet.

On Wednesday Oprah Winfrey took to her Facebook page to address her fans while on vacation, saying: "Now finally away on vaca. Relaxing. Trying not to eat too much. But had 2 slices of the best pizza ever in life today. WHITE TRUFFLE!" 


  • james4usa - 2011-06-02 14:04

    Bootlips got her break on her "emotional off the cuff delivery" her ratings tanked, OWN is not making it. Even idiots are waking up. BTW most of her donations were paid for by sponsors.

      Eric West - 2011-06-02 14:37

      Agreed! Besides, she's a closet racist of note!

      Matt - 2011-06-02 14:42

      Can't stand Oprah...

  • zulufox - 2011-06-02 14:09

    Please don't come... you will be robbed and killed... NOT!!

  • Ockert - 2011-06-02 14:31

    for whaat ?, some colddrink ?

  • Eric West - 2011-06-02 14:36

    "On 24 June Oprah Winfrey LANDS on the campus of the University of the Free State." Just imagine the size of the crater!! :)

      Matt - 2011-06-02 14:40

      Yeah, she's also going to cause the lunar eclipse by getting out of bed just in time

  • Currie_Mafia - 2011-06-02 14:43

    Oprah Winfrey cometh. South Africa is saved ! Hell-a-loo-ya..

  • Gorilla - 2011-06-02 15:05

    "You heard it here first... On 24 June Oprah Winfrey lands on the campus of the University of the Free State." Whaaaa! She's jumping from a plane??

  • Miss NJP,PTA - 2011-06-13 12:41

    May be Johannesburg City Mayor will also think of renaming one of the High Way or Road after Oprah Winfrey. She has invested in our Country Education. Even Limpopo should as well. We love you Ms Winfrey. South Africa is home, you are welcome.

  • Janneke - 2011-09-27 10:21

    I think it's fantastic if she visits our country again and I just wish that she would visit my little town. Oudtshoorn, Western Cape requires all the help that the 28 children of the Foundation Christian School can get. We have 6 teachers that are so dedicated to help the children that they have cut their wages, how many teachers do you know that will do that. We are hosting an art auction to the benefit of the school at the Surval Boutique Olive Estate on 12 November 2011 and all the proceeds will be handed over to the school. They are in desperate need of a better building and equipment. Please tell all your friends as this is big news and we want it to be bigger. Thank you Janneke McKay

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