Paris Jackson to spend summer with mom

2013-05-15 22:09
Los Angeles - Paris Jackson wants to spend the summer with her mother.

The 15-year-old daughter of the late Michael Jackson has developed a close bond with her birth mother, Debbie Rowe, over recent weeks and has now dropped the bombshell on the Jackson household that she wants to spend the summer holiday at Debbie's horse ranch in Palmdale, California.

A source said: "Paris will be with Debbie at her house in Southern California this summer when the school year is over.

"She might go to summer school for the first month of vacation, but will be with Debbie on the weekends and plans on being with her mum in July and August. Paris wants to spend as much time as possible with Debbie and this is the perfect time."

Debbie and Michael were married in November 1996 but divorced in October 1999. TheThriller hitmaker was given full custody of Paris and her elder brother Prince Michael, 16, in 1999, and in return gave his ex-wife Debbie an $8m settlement and a house in Beverly Hills.

Debbie then asked a judge to terminate her parental rights in 2001, before deciding to have the decision reversed when Michael was charged with 10 counts of child abuse in 2004.

She reached a settlement in August 2009 with Michael's mother, Katherine Jackson - who became the children's legal guardian following her son's death - which allowed her rights to supervised visitations.

Debbie wants contact to be genuine

However, Debbie did not exercise her rights for a long time, because she wanted her contact with the kids to be genuine and not forced.

Paris and Debbie have been able to rebuild their relationship through their mutual love of horses.

Speaking to, the source added: "Paris and Debbie are quickly finding out how much they have in common - a love of animals and being outspoken! Paris definitely takes after Debbie because they are both straight shooters and don't take any nonsense from anybody."

Katherine, 83, is upset she won't see her granddaughter over the summer but is trying to understand for the sake of the youngster.

The source added: "This is very important to Paris and while grandmother, Katherine, will miss her over summer, Katherine supports Paris' plans and keen interest in getting to know her mum."