Prince Harry's awkward dance moves

2011-08-30 20:15
London - Britain's Prince Harry reportedly performed some embarrassing dance moves while on a night out in Croatia.

The flame-haired royal is holidaying on Hvar Island in the eastern European country with pals and after plunging himself fully clothed into the pool at an open-air Venderanda night club, he got back up to dance the night away on Saturday.

An onlooker told The Sun newspaper: "Harry's dancing wasn't great. In fact, it was embarrassing. But once they realised who he was, everyone wanted to have a photo with him.

"He was constantly running from one place to another. One moment he was flirting with some girls at the bar, the next he was dancing on the top of a low wall."

He is partying on the island with long-term friend Tom Inskip - during his down-time from training as an Apache Helicopter fighter in Suffolk - and was forced to wear a white t-shirt later on in the evening donated by the club.

In October, Harry will be heading to Arizona to learn specialist fighting skills.


  • Ace - 2011-08-31 07:13

    I know lots of people who do those kinds of things at parties and it's called "having a good time". It's only because of who he is that we're reading about it.

  • Orcanda - 2011-08-31 17:59

    He just had a good time, whats wrong with this stupid gossipping journalists. Leave him alone to enjoy himself and his life your are young but only once.

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